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WELCOME TO DECEMBER PROJECT!last year, amy(other amy) tipped me off to this cool thing she was doing: the short story advent calendar, where you sign up to this thingie here and you get a free story each day i dropped the ball and by the time i came to my senses, it had already sold out, so for december project, i'm going rogue and just reading a free online story a day of my choosing this foolhardy endeavor is going to screw up my alreadydeepintheweeds review backlog, so i don't think i will be reviewing each individual story properly i might just do a picture review or if i am feeling wicked motivated, i will draw something, but i can't be treating each short story like a real book and spending half my day examining and dissecting it, so we'll just see what shape this project takes as we go.and if you know of any particularly good short stories available free online, let me know! i'm no good at finding them myself unless they're on the tor.com site, and i only have enough at this stage of the game to fill half my calendar DECEMBER 7My mother is prettier than you, Sally wanted to say to them, lots prettier, she hasmoney and her hair is really red, not dyed like yours is They would be sorry for this She would go home and tell Leah and Leah's husband would go out and shoot them Leah's husband was named Jackson He had been in jail before.i am so excited that there are TWO donna tartt short stories available for this project this short story advent calendar thingie has been a gemdiscovery (or potential gemdiscovery there are many i am excited to get to!) thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions so far!this is just a really excellent christmas story that's festive and funny and then devolves into a farcical romp kind of a very fine character study that reminds us that perspective is everything it's donna tartt no matter what, you're gonna read it.read it for yourself here: DECEMBER 1 DECEMBER 2 DECEMBER 3 DECEMBER 4 DECEMBER 5 DECEMBER 6 DECEMBER 8 DECEMBER 9 DECEMBER 10 DECEMBER 11 DECEMBER 12 DECEMBER 13 DECEMBER 14 DECEMBER 15 DECEMBER 16 DECEMBER 17 DECEMBER 18 DECEMBER 19 DECEMBER 20 DECEMBER 21 DECEMBER 22 DECEMBER 23 DECEMBER 24 DECEMBER 25 DECEMBER 26 DECEMBER 27 DECEMBER 28 DECEMBER 29 DECEMBER 30 DECEMBER 31 (((Download Ebook))) ↵ A Christmas Pageant ⇞ Christmas pageant WikipediaThe Christmas Pageant TV MovieIMDb Directed by David S Cass Sr With Melissa Gilbert, Robert Mailhouse, Candice Azzara, Edward Herrmann When a temperamental Broadway director is fired from yet another job, she is forced to direct a community Christmas pageant A Christmas Pageant by Donna Tartt Goodreads Donna Tartt s short story The Christmas Pageant is an example of astute observation and certainly rooted in her southern upbringing A seemingly meaningless uneventful Christmas pageant comes to life in the detail through the eyes of an interesting strong willed child named Sally She is upset at the lack of Christianity in the school pageant that she feels is pandering to the wrong meanings of Christmas The Christmas Pageant Hallmark Drama The Christmas Pageant Vera Parker is an theater director whose reputation for being difficult to work with leaves her no choice but to take a job directing a small town Christmas pageant Stars Melissa Gilbert, Robert Mailhouse, and Edward Hermann Christmas pageant Traduction en franais exemplesTraductions en contexte de Christmas pageant en anglais franais avec Reverso Context She s directing the Christmas pageantBest Christmas Pageant images Christmas Nov ,Explore katielarsen s board Christmas Pageant, followed bypeople on Pinterest Seeideas about Christmas pageant, Christmas, Christmas program Tartt is an incredible writer If you've read any of her books, you already know that She is one of the few who don't even need a plot to draw you in Absolutely nothing can happen for pages on end, and you'll find yourself completely hooked I wasn't aware of this short story until I came across it here on goodreads, and I'm glad I did! A brilliant short story with a nod to the true meaning of Christmas. It's a short story that had the potential to be good Unfortunately for me it wasn't I would have enjoyed to knowabout Sally's religious beliefs and also life in general but we did not learn much At one point I just think that the situation got a bit out of hand and just became unrealistic. For Donna Tartt fans, I found the link to this very short story, written in 1993, online Here it is: at all what I was expecting I was expecting a littleChristmas and got a lotdysfunction Which was not disappointing I liked it but needed a littleto really like it or love it If I really review this, my review will be longer than the short story itself and I don't want to spoil anything about it for those of you who want to read it It's better going into it not knowing what it's about since it is so short So if you are a Donna Tartt fan, I recommend taking the 1015 min needed to read this and see what you think 3.5 stars. A definite must read for fans of Donna Tartt Site: literatureisavirus.comSally is waiting for God's vengeance to wipe out the godless she sees around her, especially in the Christmas pageant she is a part of (T for tinsel is blasphemous to her) Worth reading for the dark atmosphere and plot twists (even within this short format).A quick read but one I found haunting. I loved Tartt's A Secret History which created a mystery with some fascinating twists and this short story is very clearly rooted in the same style: a christmas pageant, the kind of thing you'd expect from elementary school kids, with one hell of a twist A fabulous little read which you can find here along with a number of her other short works. already the birth of Christ had been sadly profaned, yet somehow God allowed the pageant to go on.Another great short by Donna Tartt just the right amount of a good well told story and a bit of darkness. At this Christmas pageant things get a little out of hand.Unfortunately I didn't like it that much.1.5 starsMaybe I'll give it another try on Christmas.You can read it here.