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see full review Katie s Corner Edici n argentina, s ptimo tomo. S ptimo tomo en edici n argentina de Tenjho Tenge, subtitulado Entre el Cielo y el Infierno. No recuerdo si termin este tomo o no, as que quedar to read hasta que pueda retomar la serie. ( Download Book ) ☫ Tenjho Tenge, Volume 7 ☩ In a school dominated by ruthless martial arts teams, one rogue club must fight the odds to stay alive Shin vs Mitsuomi The battle that will change everythingIt s the opening rounds of the Imperial Martial Arts Tournament and three core members of the Juken Club are flaking out An inexperienced newcomer and an unwilling member are forced to step up, but can these two defeat an all star club composed of top ranked captains from other teams And when that contest ends, get ready for the inevitable showdown between the current Kaicho, Shin, and his prot g , Mitsuomi Nothing will ever be the same again Vuelve el patasucia de Nagi Y con l, todos los problemas que hab amos dejado esperando en el presente, mientras pase bamos por el pasado.