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FREE DOWNLOAD º What She Always Wanted: A True Story of Marriage, Greed, and Murder  The true story of a woman who had it all and would kill forJewelry dealer Jay Orbin disappeared in Florida on a sales run when Hurricane Frances hit But when his horribly mutilated remains turned up weeks later, the trail of evidence led straight to his glamorous wife Marjorie whose web of betrayal cost her the one thing she valued most, her child Chilling. It is sad that someone could have so many talents carpentry, mechanic, costume design, dance, choreography, fitness instruction to name just a few yet be so misguided in life To have several marriages end in divorce and the last marriage partner end up sawed into three sections is horrific This true crime story was featured in a 48 Hour Mystery drama If it is repeated I will watch it with pity for all involved. What a story I like the way Camille Kimball writes Really enjoyed reading this book You get to know the victims well but not even only the victims but also the killer.I think people who love Ann Rules books would really like this book as well Very detailed Some stuff that happened during the trial were so weird Real life is crazy sometimes.I am curious if there will be a new trial Enough grounds to grant one i think Do believe the right person is in jail though This is a true story of the lengths a woman went to to try to gain what she desired most, which was a rich and extravagent lifestyle There are still a few unaswered questions though, like where is Marjorie s mother, was Susan Dermott involved in the murder and where is the rest of Jay Orbin s body I really liked Camille Kimball s writing and look forward to readingbooks from her.