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sooooo good the end is the best part i think Spoiler RIP grampy. It s Not Like I Planned It This WayBy Phyllis Reynolds Naylor Do you remember the time when you were in high school Where everything seemed to be a bigger deal than it actually was The things that you once did and experienced was always the time of your life I always wonder if I will ever do the things Alice did in her soph year Alice did have a pretty exciting school year Alice is a sixteen year old girl juggling with school, boys, drama, and family Her life is moving way faster than she is ready for With Lester already out of the house, she is left with her dad and new stepmom.Awkward Then her new relationship status changes bewteen single and its complicated All she wants is her drivers license and getting through the rough patches without any scratches Will she be able to deal with soph year and the challenges and new adventures that lie ahead Phyllis Reynolds Naylor captivates and clearly illustrates the life and the mind of a teenage girl The books that she has written have her own life experiences that make the book far interesting.Her writing is for all ages and will make the reader feel like they are Alice herself Naylor s way of writing helps the reader see visual what is happening and how all of the characters emotions play on the pages This book is purely AMAZING I can relate to this book and all of Naylor s other ones because I can base it on my personal experiences Alice and I are the same age so it is easy to understand and easy to be interested in the book I think whoever reads this book will not be dissappointed The book though, seems like it is mainly for girls All of the struggles of school, drama, boys, friends, and family in the book people can identify with it The trip Alice takes to New York is a big step for her and her friends A school trip is than just what she sees She and her best friends see a couple of days full possiblites and endless excitement On the first they sneak out of their hotel room and find thereselves walking up and down the big city and eating at a restaurant Their night out left them hungry for what the next night might lie ahead Overall Alice is able to stay true to herself and the people she loves throughout her soph year She has a good understanding on what is best for her and not what others think is best for her The theme is that if you stay who you are and find what makes you truly happy things will turn out just fine Its Not Like I Planned It This Way shows kids of the future generation what experiences they could have Anything can happen to them Just think this book has a hidden guide book of surviving your teenage years WOAH I read this a couple years ago but forgot to add it Good book this book was written well, I d give it 2.5 stars for that fact that I just didn t find it that entertaining 3 books in 1 and I just didn t feel like much happened Overall not a bad read though, younger age group would probably enjoy this story. I have to say this book was amazing All of the Alice books are so true when it comes to the ACTUAL lives of teenage girls Myself being one, I have also experienced some of these things Alice makes mistakes and learns from them She is constatly wondering about sexuality and boys but also about herself Phyllis reynolds Naylor understands teenage girls than most people and the way she shares her knowledge is a blessing to us all. It s Not Like I Planned It This Way is a realistic and humorous book that keeps up with a teenage girl living a roller coaster life Throughout this book, you will laugh, cry and scream with frustration You will always be trying to untangle one of the many confusing situations that make this book and entertaining read Phyllis Reynolds Naylor includes lots of emotion and spontaneous characters that made me not want to put the book down I would recommend this book to any girl who wants to know how to survive school and social situations without having to hide under a rock afterwards. 3.75 stars.This was a bind up of the books that cover Alice s sopho year of high school as well as a little bit into junior year I enjoy these books even if there are a few characters I just want to stab and Alice can be pretty dumb at times but they are fun reads The first book in this bind up was a bore though. 3 of the YA Alice books republished as 1 book Loved all the real life situations that occur in high school Full Review On the book was better than Alice s Freshman year I really enjoyed the fact that there was a lot of diversity mentioned in the book as a fairly young age at the end of the first book coming into the second Also the fact that it was all considered very welcoming of each character in the novel Alice started out in the book very young and naive compared to other characters, like when Sylvia talks about lingerie and romantic evenings with her father.Also i found that the book sort of jumped into a lot of hot topics very fast like Alice went from sneaking out of a hotel room to do things with boys to where she went right into a relationship with another boy, then ending it for somewhat silly reasons I think Alice still has some growing up to do, since she still over analyzes things based on rumors or what was in a magazine, and sometimes doesn t handle it properly.The book was entertaining in the fact that because she is only 15, she tends to make a lot of mistakes which is normal I did find however the author be a little repetitive when it came to introducing characters throughout the novel. `E-PUB ☠ Its Not Like I Planned It This Way (Alice, #16-18) ☠ The ups and downs of high school life continue in the second and third bind ups in the Alice series In It s Not Like I Planned It This Way, Alice s sopho year is chock full of change, from a new living arrangement, to a possible new relationship, to the newfound freedom that comes with driving And in Please Don t Be True, the adventure of growing up continues in Alice s junior year, when she and her friends deal with issues like a pregnancy scare and a heartbreaking good bye But no matter what changes, Alice is as relatable as ever