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Although I only read a few of the essays fully and merely skimmed the rest for I only needed to read a certain few for my research , I definitely appreciate the diversity of topics discussed within this book I also learned a bit about a few topics I m not familiar with, such as music fandoms. [[ E-pub ]] ⇥ Fandom: Identities and Communities in a Mediated World ↰ We are all fans Whether we log on to Web sites to scrutinize the latest plot turns in Lost, stalk our favorite celebrities on Gawker, attend gaming conventions, or simply wait with bated breath for the newest Harry Potter novel each of us is a fan Fandom extends beyond television and film to literature, opera, sports, and pop music, and encompasses both high and low culture Fandom brings together leading scholars to examine fans, their practices, and their favorite texts This unparalleled selection of original essays examines instances across the spectrum of modern cultural consumption from Karl Marx to Paris Hilton, Buffy the Vampire Slayer to backyard wrestling, Bach fugues to Bollywood cinema, and nineteenth century concert halls to computer gaming Contributors examine fans of high cultural texts and genres, the spaces of fandom, fandom around the globe, the impact of new technologies on fandom, and the legal and historical contexts of fan activity Fandom is key to understanding modern life in our increasingly mediated and globalized world. Este libro es una colecci n de ensayos que enfocan el tema del fen meno fan desde muchos puntos de vista y precisamente ese es su mayor acierto Aqu nos podemos encontrar an lisis sobre el comportamiento de fans de m sica en el siglo XVIII, pasando por fans de los deportes normalmente ignorados en el campo de los estudios de fans hasta el proceso de desencanto de unos fans coreanos con un actor Los temas son muy variados y aunque nunca se realiza una exploraci n te rica en profundidad, los distintos ensayos sirven para abrir nuevos caminos, reexplorar conceptos y aportar distintos enfoques en una disciplina que a pesar de su juventud tiende volver a los mismos puntos comunes una y otra vez.La calidad de los ensayos es bastante equilibrada, y salvo uno o dos que podr an haberse eliminado, todos son lo suficientemente interesantes y bien desarrollados para llamar la atenci n del lector incluso cuando el tema no es de especial inter s Una obra muy interesante. This is a collection of essays on pop culture studies, circa 2006, so some of the content is a bit dated, but all of it is interesting to read However, one thing which stands out to me about this book is that many of the essays never really focused on identity in relationship to pop culture I mention that only because I d hoped to see focus on that topic, and of course its in the title of the book However what I did like about the book is that a number of essays focused on non traditional fandom, with a focus on classical music, sports, and news fans, among other types, which made for some thought provoking reading If you re interested in pop culture studies, or like me if you want to see what you can apply conceptually to practice based approaches to life, this book may provide some useful insights. The essays included provide a good update to the classic studies of various fandoms such as Henry Jenkins Textual Poachers.