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Loosely based on the theft of Picasso s Weeping Woman painting from the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne Fast paced. This was the September title for my book club I found some of the characters frustrating but did like the fact that it was set in my hometown so I could relate to the places in which the book played out. Enjoyed the dark humour at first but it gradually became just too weird and violent Based on the robbery from the NGV of Picasso s Weeping Woman, Anson produces a clever and well paced novel which tells a fictional view of a gang of a student artist who needs money, an old art teacher who knows he has missed the chance of being famous and a mysterious woman.The story has revenge, questions the value of art to society, bikies and greed A bit of humour and some twists and turns Recommended reading. Two and a half I found this fascinating because of the insight into the real events of the theft of Picasso s Weeping Woman however, the characters didn t grab me and I didn t like the end because the fate of one of the characters is not resolved There were funny parts but also very dark parts. (Read Pdf) à Stealing Picasso à From Australia s foremost comic novelist comes a hilarious satire of the art world, based on a true storyHarry Broome dreams of being a famous painter And when a sophisticated French beauty buys all the paintings at his first exhibition, he knows he s on his way But in the art world nothing is as it seems Before long, to pay his debts and save his reputation, he is trapped in a plot to steal Picasso s Weeping Woman from the National Gallery of Victoria She is the gallery s greatest acquisition, and when she goes missing the city s many treasure hunters come out to find her a corrupt tycoon who knew Picasso, a gay escort obsessed with Michael Jackson, a bent barrister, a gang of bikies, a hit man, the gallery director, the Minister for Police The Weeping Woman is priceless and life is cheap Stretching from pre war France to contemporary Australia, with a captivating cast of eccentric characters and a superbly engaging plot based on a true story, Stealing Picasso tells of an art theft and a forgery and their extraordinary repercussions Anson Cameron is one of the most interesting writers of his generation Weekend Australian