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|Read E-pub ⚾ Personal Totem Pole: Animal Imagery the Chakras and Psychotherapy à This is the story of the discovery of the chakra power animals and their remarkable effects in psychotherapy and personal growth The chakra power animals are the basis for the therapeutic model known as the Personal Totem Pole Process The PTPP is an internationally acclaimed discipline, with practitioners worldwide It is a unique blend of the theory of active imagination which was developed by Dr C G Jung, the Eastern theoretical orientation which understands the human being as a system of interrelated energies or chakras, and the Native American practice of speaking to and learning from the animals The PTPP has had applications in areas other than Psychotherapy It has been used on a personal basis by individuals interested in their own growth and healing, by Medical practitioners, by those working with children, on vision quests and by artists and writers and other creative individuals in supporting their own creativity This classic work is a personal account by Dr Gallegos of his experiences with his Totem Pole animals and of some of the experiences of his initial clients with theirs The book is a gentle introduction to active imagery and is of special interest to any one who wishes to explore the Personal Totem Pole process, either on an individual level or as a therapeutic tool Nice concept I liked the idea of the chakra points being your own inner totem pole But I got bored of the book It s just people in therapy being guided to this concept.. An interesting read but told yourabout his sessions rather than how to do it for yourself I also struggle to see how he invented the technique he obviously added his own method of working with it but its a shamanic practise that indigenous people have used for centuries.