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Yup, there s a LOT of cricket in this I know zilch about it But around that are some seriously funny stories Psmith is hilarious My advice skim the cricket details since they don t matter much you can tell whether things are good for our heroes by context and just enjoy Wodehouse s usual great writing. &Pdf ↡ The Psmith Omnibus ☆ Meet Wooster and Jeeves Only True Rival Next to that famous pair, Rupert Psmith is PG Wodehouse most beloved creation This monocle sporting dandy and ex Etonian will tell you that the P in his name is silent, and was added by himself as he considers himself too remarkable to be a mere Smith You will meet Psmith in all his most famous adventures in this bargain omnibus reprinting of the three books that introduced this famous Wodehouse character to the world When Mike introduces his new university chum, Psmith, to the gang, in Mike and Psmith, Edwardian high jinks are never higher Climaxes with Wodehouse s greatest shambles of a cricket match Next, in Psmith in the City, our hero settles down to serious work in a bank what could be serious , but soon has turned Britain s staid financial establishment upside down Finally, we learn what happens when Mike and our hero take off for the US on a cricket tour When he takes charge of a Big Apple magazine, Psmith, Journalist also takes on slum lords, gangsters, and society attorneys, and some of the drollest scenes the author ever penned Written just before the creation of Wooster and Jeeves, the Psmith stories are Wodehouse at his best