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So, Steven recommended this to me, and since I've enjoyed his recommendations in the pastI snagged this one from my library the same day.Was it any good?Hmm Kinda.I'm going to settle on 3 stars, because it wasn't bad, but I wasn't immediately sucked into the world, the plot, or any of the characters I can see why a lot of my friends weren't all that impressed with it.BUT.I also remember that I 'liked' the 1st Mercy Thompson, and only felt a vague tingle when I read the 1st Kate Daniels And now I'd step on my children to get a copy of either of those series' new books.(view spoiler)[That's only KINDA true I swear! (hide spoiler)] The year is 1995 and October “Toby” Daye is on a stake out Toby is engaged to Cliff, a human She and Cliff also have a little girl named Gilly They think she is a private detective who works cases dealing with deadbeat dads But, Toby keeps a very big secret from them She is a halfhuman, halffae working on a very special case that deals with her liege, Duke Sylvester Sylvester’s twin brother Simon vanished without at trace along with Duke’s wife, Duchess Luna and their daughter Rayseline Because Toby loves and respects the Duke, she will try and find his wife and daughter.Toby is able to find Simon in the San Francisco Japanese Tea Gardens There Toby comes across Simon and another creature that is half Tuatha de Dannan and half Peri Toby is wary of this Peri because they are a race that likes to cause pain Toby watches as these two embrace as lovers would and before Toby can confront them or go for help, Simon locates her Because Simon is too powerful for Toby, he transforms her into a koi, which is a type of fish, where she will remain in the Japanese Tea Garden pond for fourteen years.Fourteen years later the curse has been broken and Toby has turned her back on the fae Cliff and her daughter refuse to have anything to do with Toby because she was missing for so long Toby walks around in a daze, working nights at a grocery store, remaining invisible and trying to be as human as possible But the fae and those creatures that inhabit this world are all around her Toby will have no choice but to enter back into the world that so ruthlessly destroyed her.The reason is because one of Toby's friends, Evening, the Countess of one of San Francisco’s smaller fiefdoms needs Toby’s help She left a few messages on Toby’s answering machine, which Toby ignored But when one of the messages is a binding spell, Toby has no choice but to do what Evening orders Evening knows she will be murdered and leaves it up to Toby to find out who has killed her.Toby must confront her past and those who have cherished her as well as ruined her life She must walk among the most evil and treacherous of all faeries even if it means placing her own life in danger once again.Seanan McGuire’s Rosemary and Rue has one of the best prologues I have read in recent memory I have never read one where the main protagonist is transformed into a fish and left to suffer that way Toby does After the first twelve pages, I was expecting a rip roaring fantasy story that would keep me hooked till the very end I made it all the way to page twohundred and put the book down because there isn’t much to recommend here.The main problem I had with Rosemary and Rue was page after page of info dumping and needless internal dialogue At one point I thought, there has to beto this Something exciting has to happen It doesn’t There is really no action to speak of within these pages My main problem is that there is too much telling and not enough showing We see Toby basically sleep walking thorough each scene where we meet so many people from her past for no other reason that I can think of We are introduced to her old lover Devin, who is some sort Oliver Twist Fagin type, but he at least bathes and is much sexier He surrounds himself by teens he may or may not have sexual hankie panky with known as the Lost Children a.k.a Devin’s kids Why do we meet Devin? Just to add some emotional angst for Toby because before she was with her human lover Cliff, she was with Devin.We meet Sylvester who Toby seems to still respect but can’t stand at the same time Could she possibly still have residual feelings because Sylvester was the one to have her investigate his missing wife and child that took fourteen years away of her life? His wife and daughter were returned safe and sound and Toby never once confronts these people as to where they were or wanting revenge against Simon who gave her gills And by the way Simon is MIA the whole time You would think after she escaped the pond she would go searching for Simon and get her revenge You would also think those friends of Toby would want revenge for her or would aid in her fight against Simon That never happens.We never meet Cliff or Gilly because for reasons I can’t think of, they feel betrayed by Toby When I read this, I was very confused Your fiancé has been missing for fourteen years and when you're told she has been found, you feel she is a deadbeat who ran out on you and you daughter? What? Wouldn't he run into her arms and cry tears of happiness that his love has come back to him safe and sound? And what's up with Toby who seems to love Cliff and Gilly so much, but only calls Cliff on the phone but never goes to see him? Of course this scenario is never shown It is glossed over because Toby tells the reader We are told not shown And don’t get me started on why Toby and Cliff never married before she disappeared That in itself doesn’t make sense Why? It is another case of Toby telling the reader but not giving much explanation on why.Many things that Toby does is told and told somePages upon pages of long winded paragraphs with faery terminology and a What’s Who of important faery creatures are mentioned from Toby But hey, every so often Toby investigates dangerous places and mutters a few spells and meets evenfantasy like creatures Toby waxes on and on about them, who they are, what they can do and that is all I felt like I was reading an encyclopedia instead of a fictional story.Toby is very much the underdog here and her life has been a horrible one I guess I was supposed to be sympathetic to her plight, but I just found her to be too pitiful with no spine Toby is hurt, angry and feeling betrayed Why wouldn’t she channel this anger and kick some ass and take some names? Toby came across as too much of a sad sack, a woes is me I need some major therapy; leave me with my cats in the dark of my apartment I can barely afford because I work at Safeway.Everything about Rosemary and Rue fell so flat I wanted to shake some sense into Toby Instead I felt no connection and left her to her grief where I rolled my eyes and moved onto something withsubstance that will stick to the basics of writing where one will show not tell. I really enjoyed this one, and I enjoyed the important topic of grooming and how difficult it can be to realize you are in an abusive and unsafe relationship until you are out of it Sadly, this made the story a bit unpredictable for me, which also led to it feeling a little boring I still really appreciate everything that was in here, and I completely recommend! Also, there were some very beautiful quotes in this book that I won't soon forget! Also, Seanan writing about the fae? A dream come true, even if I'm very late to this party! I read this for the Backlist Readathon!Youtube | Instagram | Twitter | Blog | Spotify | TwitchTrigger and Content Warnings for abduction, loss of a loved one, blood depiction, murder, torture, death, grooming, talk of sexual assault in the past, and depression depiction. ► BR with my MacHalo Freaks starting Oct 5, 2015.Welcome to the most uninspired review in the history of uninspired reviews!Why am I out of ideas, you ask? Because this book =It's a Bleh, Meh, Yawn and Blah Blah Blah Super Fest And surprisingly enough, it seems that quite a few of my weird dear buddy reading accomplices agree with me here Wow It turns out they might not have such crappy book taste after all Who would have thought?!► Okay, since I don't have much to say about this thrilling piece of literature, let's get it over with once and for all, shall we? Here goes:① Boredom Inc.The problem with this book is not that nothing happens It's just that the things that do happen aren't particularly exciting Or interesting Or entertaining Or intriguing And none of it is terribly original either Just your typical UF mystery/investigation Sigh There is no suspense at all Sigh The culprit is pretty obvious from the start Sigh The only positive thing about this story is that for once there are no werewolves or vampires involved Which should have been pretty refreshing, right? Wrong ② Silly fairies incoming.Oh please calm down, you Toby fans! I don't mean to insult the fae in this particular book, I'm talking about the silly fae in general here *eyeroll* Because yes, the time has come for me to confess the awful truth: my name is Sarah and I don't like the fae My name is Sarah and I'm exhausted just thinking of all the different names these silly little creatures can be called I mean, fay, faery, faerie, fairy…YAWN And then we have all the silly sub varieties/species/breeds/classes/whatever that inevitably appear in any story involving the fae There are usually so many of them that authors invariably feel the need to include some sort of glossary to explain it all And let's not forget the pronunciation guide! Oh no, let's not! I swear, by the time I'm done reading these I'm usually so bored I'm ready to put the book down for good Anyway, long story short: the silly little fairies just do nothing for me Okay, that's not entirely true There is one notable exception here You know who I'm talking about, don't you? No? Seriously? Sigh Okay, I'll help you: his name starts with V' and it ends with Lane Get it? V'Lane? YES! V'Lane, people! As in bra on/bra off games! Death by sex and all that! YUM What? You don't know who V'Lane is? I can't believe this You know what? Just go back to sleep Wait, no Go read Fever instead (view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)] 3.5/5This was my first read by Seanan McGuire, so it took me almost half the book to get used to her writing style I had a lot of fun once I got into the groove of the story, and I simply couldn't put it down I was utterly engrossed in Toby’s investigation, eager to see what would happen as the story started to unfold gradually The world the author has created is surprisingly intricate and fascinating And in the end, when the truth was finally revealed, I was like—THAT! I knew it! Well, it wasn’t hard to guess who the killer was, but it hurt like hell for the fact that the one who tried to kill her was (view spoiler)[the one she fully trusted (hide spoiler)] Sale Alert 9/30/17: The first book in this series wasn't my favorite but it did grow on me later about book 3 or 4 You can get this for $1.99 on Read with Buddies Books Baubles impromptu like because Jessica and Joanita are pushers.See below ↘This is a solid first installment to a series It is also not what I thought it was going to be I say this as my book BFF creatively found a way for me to jump into the read of this series with her I trust her on this because we have pretty similar book tastes but here is the part I wasn’t expecting Toby is a bit dark, the entire book is a bit dark and I somehow thought eventually it would get a little lighter….but it really doesn’t.Urban Fantasy….well I’m pretty much a fan of it and I’ve read a few different series now in this genre that are clearly UF and not PRN But I’m just going to say that in my limited experience most UF clearly has a very quippy, snarky side like Buffy the Vampire Slayer I think of UF and I totally think of some of thepopular series like Kate Daniels, Mercy Thompson, Dresden, and The Iron Druid While all of them have some serious moments there is a lot of quick wit and quirky humor along the way to cut through some of that October Daye is a bit rougher and there isn’t a ton of humor to cover up how dark it can get.I see the ratings and can see why some of my friends are torn or gave up before finishing this book There is quite a bit going on and I think that there are some things that I’d only pick up the second time through when I could drop back and enjoy the language and characters a littleinstead of picking up all the story.╰⊰✿ The Good Stuff ✿⊱╮ஐ – The writing is really well done There are just some great moments where I really just enjoyed the writing Statements like: “We hated each other so well and loved each other so badly”And “He changes when there's a threat to be overcome: it's like he pulls on a second skin, one he almost forgets the rest of the time, and becomes a hero again A tired, old hero, one who wields a pen instead of a sword and rides waves of paperwork rather than a white charger, but still a hero.” ஐ – Toby, she is the underdog that I want to root for She is smart and a changling so she doesn’t really fit into the human or the Fae world completely She has one foot in and another foot out never really belonging anywhere And after the tragedy in the beginning of her story I really wanted her to find some happiness.ஐ – I like the worldbuilding and characters I’m not uber familiar with Fae lore so a lot of this was brand new to me and I’m sure as the story continues I’ll pick upandStill we have a really good start and one of my favorite things in this was the Rose Goblins It is part Cat and Part Rose Bush and completely awesome “Rose goblins are built like porcupines if you rub them the right way, you don't have to worry about the spines They're sort of like people in that regard, too.” ஐ – The build up If you are hoping for some quick and fast answers…then well this is probably not the book for you There is definitely a plot for this book but the overall questions I have about Toby were barely glimpsed Hopefully we get there but I’m not expecting any easy answers.╰⊰✿ The Stuff that was a Minor Issue for Me ✿⊱╮Remember when I said that I’m not super familiar with Fae lore??? It was like a few sentences ago so I really hope so Well there are a lot of things tapped on and mentioned that I don’t know much about The different courts, the different Fae types and some of the general stories in the Lore to be specific Now that is fine I’m sure I will learn all about them but I will say it is like the author expected you to have a working knowledge of the Fae going into this book and I felt like I didn’t do my homework.The story is still very enjoyable for the most part but I did get a little bit stuck on a few minor details because of that The other part is the Fae mentality It is really a shift, they are really pretty cruel for the most part and I struggled with some of the motivations I was finally catching on by the end of the book so I have high hopes but some of their responses threw me for a loop ╰⊰✿ I’m Excited for the entire series because ✿⊱╮ “My name is October Christine Daye; I live in a city by the sea where the fog paints the early morning, parking isprecious than gold, and Kelpies wait for the unwary on street corners Neither of the worlds I live in is quite mine, but no one can take them away from me I did what had to be done, and I think I may finally be starting to understand what's important It's all about finding the way home, wherever that is I plan on finding out.I have time.” FIRST READ 13 DEC 2013: ★★★SECOND READ 28 JAN 2019: ★★★I'm keeping my same rating I had forgotten a lot of this It's a rough start to a great series But still a good book Another buddy reread with the MacHalos (I actually skipped the previous reread, so this is only the second time I've read this.) My intent is to reread them all and catch up for book #13, The Unkindest Tide, which releases in well, October!I recall this first book (released in 2009, I believe) being a little clunky, as many awesome Urban Fantasies can be (looking at Kate Daniels #1) But, I originally read through One Salt Sea (#5) and they had got super great by then Seanan McGuire has become a master storyteller If you like the fae with complex worldbuilding that unravelsandwith each book, you will probably like this series.Previous post:Buddy reread with the MacHalo group starting October 5, 2015. &Epub ⇷ Rosemary and Rue ⇥ October Toby Daye, a changeling who is half human and half fae, has been an outsider from birth After getting burned by both sides of her heritage, Toby has denied the Faerie world, retreating to a normal life Unfortunately for her, the Faerie world has other ideas The murder of Countess Evening Winterrose pulls Toby back into the fae world Unable to resist Evening's dying curse, which binds her to investigate, Toby must resume her former position as knight errant and renew old alliances As she steps back into fae society, dealing with a cast of characters not entirely good or evil, she realizes that than her own life will be forfeited if she cannot find Evening's killer ETA: I've continued reading this series and want to point out I gave books four and five considerably higher ratings Four stars each I can't make up my mind what to rate this The unforgiving and frustrated side of me wants to saddle it with a two The part of me that loves depictions of the fae, their powers and lands leans towards a three for effort.My problem with Rosemary and Rue is this: Nothing really happens Sure, there’s a lot of running around Bullets fly through the air, illusions and curses complicate things, and there’s a mystery to solve However, the majority of the story concentrates on Toby getting repeatedly wounded, swallowing down the taste of blood and roses as she ineffectually seeks a murderer There were a lot of stitches, poultices and headaches There weren’t many clues to untangle The answers were found through a tastetest that could have happened 100 pages earlier, saving Toby some scars and me some boredom.McGuire’s foundation for the story intrigued me A PI changeling spends 14 years in a koi pond, forgetting she was ever bipedal and losing everything in the process Her husband and daughter think she willingly abandoned them, human society declared her dead and gone, and her own guilt over a failed mission prevents her from reconnecting with her fae contacts She’s afloat in a world that has moved on without her She’s barely making ends meet and desperately feigning indifference.That’s where the interest ends Toby stumbles through this investigation Apart from an early trip to the victim’s offices, I never felt there was a trail to follow The plot consisted of go here, get shot at, go there, get shot at, go home, get shot at…and no, I’m not exaggerating for effect What began as a noirish escapade devolved into halfassed ideas and miles of bloodsoaked bandages.The curse she’s under didn’t help matters It seemeda hindrance than a motivation I didn’t feel its urgency as keenly as I was supposed to It would threaten Toby at the oddest of times, seeming to prefer holding her back rather than allowing her to fulfill her task I don’t like illogical plot points, and this was a major one.As for the protagonist, I don’t dislike Toby I don’t feel much of anything for her She’s very middleoftheroad She’s not clever, nor is she kickass or powerful She’s sarcastic, but falls just shy of amusing I felt no connection to her The other characters land in the same category None of them are standouts, with the possible exceptions of Tybalt and a few teenagersthey at least had some oomph to them as well as definable personalities.McGuire throws in a lot of nods to the past and to future story arcs, which is expected in the first novel of any series Some could be compelling if handled correctly Most notable is the original mystery Toby investigatedthe one that resulted in her swimming around a pond for 14 years I understand if McGuire wanted to acclimate us before exploring what came before; Toby’s return took a lot out of her and her adjustment hasn’t gone smoothly However, Rosemary and Rue drained away most of my interest in the past I’m not eager to follow Toby through another muddle of unhappy coincidences I like heroines who use their wits to solve things I need a buildup of tension and adrenaline to keep me riveted I enjoy strong characters who leap off the page and hold me by the hand…or by the throat October Daye’s method of blindly hurtling through shadows until she conveniently trips over answers lacks all of that Perhaps I’m being harsher than necessary Lately, I’ve read one disappointing book after another and it’s taking a toll I’d expected to find a new favorite in October Instead, I discovered a whole lot of meh that I’m not eager to return to anytime soon. This was a tough book for me because I kept falling asleep every time I tried to read it I swear, it was like a giant Xanax.30 minutes of the endless descriptions and the politics of every single fae creature will do that too.Plus, on top of the endless descriptions and explanations, October/Toby was weak as hell She was injured the entire book By the end of it, she is dragging her halfdead, bleeding corpse around to fight monsters way bigger than her, but she still refuses to shoot first Seriously, there was one scene when she just needed to shoot the freaking gun that was in her hand to stop everything, but she hesitates and ends up getting someone else killed and herself eveninjured if that were possible She just stands there, talking to the bad guy who says he is going to kill her Bitch, shoot him!!It was frustrating!Look, I live in Texas We shoot first and ask questions later This woman got on my last nerve.On the good side the world was interesting There were a hella lotta fae running around Plus, there were even two cats I liked the thornbush cat, and the king of the cats dude He was interesting and hot, but there wasn't enough of him to keep me awake.All in all good book if you have insomnia.