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!Free ♗ Dragon's Keep (Wilde Island Chronicles #1) ♫ Far away on Wilde Island, Princess Rosalind is born with a dragon claw where her ring finger should be To hide the secret, the Queen forces her to wear gloves at all times until a cure can be found, so Rosalind can fulfill the prophecy to restore the family to their rightful throne      But Rosalind’s flaw cannot be separated from her fate When she is carried off by the dragon, everything she thought she knew falls apart The dragon sees beauty in her talon where her mother saw only shame, and Rosalind finally understands what her mother has truly denied her      Carey has written a stunning portrayal of the complex relationship between a mother and daughter in a lyrical novel sure to thrill readers who love fantasy—and those who don’t This was a beautifully written tale about a young princess Rosalinde who was believed to be the 21st queen on Wild Island fulfilling a prophecy by Merlin, returning the island to its former glory.Being born with a dragon claw however means that this princess' life is filled with secrecy, and a mother hell bent on keeping the secret a secret.Most people having seen the claw wind up deadWilde Island also plagued by the dragons, people constantly being stolen away and eaten Hordes of men going to Dragon Keep to retrieve the Pendragon Sceptre, which will undoubtedly aid the Princess reclaiming the glory of the Pendragon family, all man perish and fail.One day a ship is sighted off the coast of Wilde Island, which happens to be a knight from England, Sir Godrick and his son Kye who have slain the dragon Kye and Rose exchange small conversation The dragons mate arrives and retrieves five eggs from his slain mate and puts them on a boat and drags it out to sea He returns with mind to burn the village and kill everyone The sea turns rough and one of the eggs falls overboard Rose is quick to warn the dragon.Rose takes a severe liking toward Kye, in fact you could even say she falls in love with him She rides out to some cliff and watches as he and his father repair their ship daily One day he rides up behind her and requests that she follow him because he has something to show her It is the dragon egg, it is broken Kye is interested in another prophecy of Merlins, Bright fire Dragon's fire Broken Sword One black talon ends the war! and asks Rose why she warned the dragon about his egg She lies and says it was to save everyone from the dragon, Kye is disappointed by this answer.The net day all goes terribly wrong The royal party goes out hunting, and from pride Rose wishes to avoid certain people (Kye) and travels away from the party, her horse and her fall into a ravine, her ankle is broken and she is pursued by wolves.Kye the heroic lad that he is dashes to her rescue and now not only is he dragonslayer, but wolfslayer too The princess is bleeding all over the place and Kye gallantly rips of his shirt to bandage her up, in doing so he removes her gloves (which hide her talon) and sees her disgraceful appendage He says nothing.In the next week or so while she's in a bed somewhere healing and dreaming of Kye, her love, he's sailing off to war with all the other men and knights for the Queen of England against some usurping King Stephen.After all her grief and yearning for Kye and all the other people she loves dying and being sent away her mother still insists she frock up for the May Day celebrations and have a good time During this May Day the Male Dragon returns and takes her away.He spares her life, but she must work hard and take care of his four baby dragons Chawl'mighty claw', Kadmi 'great fire', Eetha 'ruler of the air and Ore 'precious one' all of whom refer to her talon as her beautiful part She spends a year or so helping and learning and loving the baby dragons, when drama unfolds A massive storm comes on a day her lady in waiting just so happens to visit also, and having made a vow with Lord Faul (the daddy dragon) that she would never speak to another human again so long as he never ate a human again, she is unable to speak to her beloved friend.She sends her away silently Returning to the dragon cave, where the cave is about to be flooded off the map because of trees falling in the river and creating a dam Lord Faul says they must all go out in the rain and dig the trees out So they do, another mudslide occurs and Kadmi is trapped beneath, all try to dig him out with little success Kit (the lady in waiting) returns and rushes down to help dig out the baby dragon when a huge current sweeps Ore away down the river alas this baby dragon cannot swim Kit dives in after her The rest continue digging furiously away trying to save Kadmi Unfortunately despite their efforts he drowns.They leave Kadmi and set out to find Kit and Ore Further down the river they find Ore washed up against some rocks luckily still breathing, the find the the reason she is stuck against the rocks is Kit wedged beneath her securing her safety Kit unfortunately is dead.They bury Kadmi and Kit, then return to their cave and set to cleaning it about Laud Faul becomes ill with rattly breathing, he eventually dies by crying, because he never thought a human would give its life for a dragon As we are told previously in a book, Dragons must not cry because it will kill them.So now having Lord Faul die, the three youngsters left return Rose to Wilde Island because Kit had told her Magnus (a jerk face jerk, who had gotten her mother addicted to poppy potion, i'm going to say opium and killed her mother) and taken the throne himself.Now she is captured and trialled as a witch for surviving a year with dragons.On the day of her hanging she manages to struggle free and is grabbed by a monk She recognises this monks startling blue eys, it is Kye He wishes to speak about her 'blood lines', she freaks out thinking he's going to tell everyone of her dragon blood and her talon.He reveals, that he has travelled to Dragons Keep and found it abandoned, he has retrieved the Pendragon Sceptre and now proves her lineage he mentions nothing of her claw He also tells the people of a 'diary' he found while sheltering the rain on Dragons Keep and he tells them of the Princesses struggles and her deal with the dragon to save them all.Kye and Rose get married and on a midsummer's eve fair seven dragons swooped down out of the sky and encircled the festivities Rose and Kye stepped forward, the dragons pulled off her glove and kissed her talon Kye seeing what the dragons offered by a kiss, turned and broke his sword upon some nearby stones and laid it in front of the dragons Someone yelled a peace gift from the dragons upon seeing her talon She held it up for everyone to see Everyone rejoiced and they all lived in peace and happiness forever and ever and ever and ever. 2.5 starsWell, I liked the dragon aspects of the book, esp as they were not the fun, endearing, yet noble and powerful creatures of most of the series that I like These dragons are farthe wild monsters that appear in legends and the scary, if still majestic animals that everyone is out to kill And they are not all wrong in that inclination to eliminate such a threat Which made our heroine's time spent with these creatures and the relationship that she builds with them all thevital and interesting.The romance wasstilted It could have used some help, but in the end was enough that it was a happyish ending.Anyone who loves dragons and a good read will likely enjoy. Prior to reading this book I read, and really enjoyed, Dragonswood Dragonswood made me want to go back and pick up the first book in the Wilde Island series The two books are only loosely related (this one takes place quite a while before the story in Dragonswood and focuses on different characters) This was a beautifully written story that moves very slowly.Princess Rosalind (Rosie to her friends) is born with one finger that is a dragon claw Her mother goes to great lengths to hide Rosie’s flaw in hopes that Rosie will someday be cured and able to marry Prince Henry Rosie spends most of her life worrying about hiding her shameful finger Then she is carried off by a dragon and everything changes.The writing here is beautiful and I loved the traditional fantasy type of setting However, the story really takes a long time to get going and moves slowly I also didn't like how passive our heroine Rosie was throughout Rosie is a very damaged girl and she undergoes some fairly horrific trials Pretty much one horrible thing after another happens to her She is one of the heroines where reading about her just makes you tired and sadtoo many bad things happen to her.Given all of her trials I was a bit disappointed in how abruptly and neatly everything was tied up Despite all Rosie’s efforts it ends up being the word and support of someone else who solves her problem Then the whole story is tied up in just a few pages at the end It was an unsatisfying ending; rushed and contrived feeling The way the ended was done seemed to really make all of Rosie’s suffering seem a bit hollow.Overall this is beautifully written but slow and hard to engage in I really enjoyed Dragonswood much muchthan this book Given that I am unsure if I will read the third book in this series or not right now I would definitely recommend Dragonswood to fantasy lovers, but I think I would skip reading Dragon’s Keep unless you really want to learn the history of what happened before Dragonswood. It's back to the library for this book, even though I haven't finished it yet My interest has waned a bit since I started it, but I'll try to borrow it again when/if I feel I'm in the right mood for it It's not bad, it's just the wrong time; I actually prefer buying books to borrowing because I have a strong tendency to put books I like down for a few months, or years, before resuming where I left off.Anyway, a few thoughts so far concerning the book I hated the queen! She'sobsessed with fulfilling a prophecy and living vicariously through her daughter than she is with the princess's happiness, she even (view spoiler)[murders the elderly nurse maid after the nurse maid sees her daughter's talon (hide spoiler)] I'm not one for high fantasy and epic tales any, but I found myself reading this book in a day It's easy reading and I found the author's tale absorbing, despite the fact that I feel that the blurb is slightly misleading The blurb states that Rosie is captured by the dragon, yadda yadda, but this event happensthan halfway into the book I would characterize this story asof a coming of age story of a pampered, lonely princess fueled by her mother's ambition It's completely told from Rosie's point of view, and I thought the author's treatment of the Queen (Rosie's mother) is singularly well done You saw the Queen at first as a mother with a spine of iron, who nonetheless inspires devotion from her people, love from her husband the king, and loves her daughter (but does not spoil her) This is borne out by the first scene, in which they are closeted in the Queen's room for a weekly meeting to chisel Rosie's dragon claw down.There's a mystery of sorts, as Rosie grows from 14 (as she is at the start of the book) to 16, as she seesandof her mother's ambition for her, which was also at the beginning her own ambition to defeat the usurper Stephen and wed Prince Henry It's not surprising this was her ambition, as her mother sung songs and wove tapestries to gift Rosie about her becoming the Queen to free Wilde island and rule over England At the beginning, she's told all sorts of things of her birth, how the finger bone of a saint allowed her to be conceived, etc How the two women planned and devoted their lives to finding ways to charm her finger back to a normal finger How her mother had donned gold gloves the day she was born so that she could always hide her finger, and how this trend became a symbol of chastity for highborn ladies.But bit by bit, Rosie has to come to face the extent of her mother's mad ambition and resolve to achieve Rosie's destiny, not the least of which culminated in several calculated murders of people who learn by mistake of Rosie's clawfinger.As for the romance, I know a number of reviewers disliked the instalove of Rosie for Kye, the dragonslayer In this case, I wouldn't quite characterize it as instalove, (1) because Rosie doesn't rave on and on about how she loved him and how wonderful and handsome he is, (2) this girl has never had a friend in her entire life, nor is she surrounded by a bevy of handsome eligible men As the envoy's son from Queen Mathilda, Kye is the first young man around her age to enter into her world, in a singularly dashing fashion (hailed as the brave dragonslayer) and it just so happens he has blue eyes and is quite chivalrous and friendly with her It wouldn't take a Twilighty chick to withstand those epic charms (Yes, Rosie has her friend, Kit, but that friend was won through hard work, and she had that friend less than two years before she had to be sent away for fear that her mother would kill Kit So Lonely girl with a secret deformity Not in the realms of impossibility.)I do agree that the ending is a bit pat, but all in all, it's a lovely book I would recommend it for those who enjoyed Seraphina. This was a lovely YA fairytale the version I read in Australia was actually called Talon Princess Rosalind, of Wilde Island, was the subject of a prophecy many generations before her birth She would restore the glory of Wilde Island, and end a war However, the Princess was born with a dragon's claw instead of a ring finger on one of her hands, and wears gloves at all times to hide this terrible flaw However, when a dragon carries her off, the claw is the least of her worries.Dragon's Keep is a beautiful, lyrical story Rosalind's agony over her claw, her mother's desparate need to cure or hide the claw at all costs, the dragon's admiration for her beautiful part it is all quite lovely, and the fulfillment of the prophecy at the end is beautifully done It is very fairytalelike though, very mythic in its style, but I enjoy that I found Rosalind's attitude towards the dragon at the end a little hard to understand but overall, I enjoyed it very much. interesting concept, I felt like this was almost there but needed a bitcompassion, adventureYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat @miranda.reads Happy Reading! I did not enjoy Dragon's Keep as much as Dragonswood The main reason being is that the romance lacks development One minute they meet and the next she is in love with him It's the instalove thing This resulted in me never finding the romance convincing The book is really split into three different parts The first two we spend a good amount of time on, but the last part is sadly mostly glossed over This is where the development of the romance could have come in, but unfortunately we are mostly just told about what happens As for the other parts; in the beginning we are introduced to Rosalind's world and all the people in it, and we learn about how she came to have the dragon claw I felt this part of the book was well done The second part with the dragons was also well done, but I did feel like this part of the book dragged on a bit too long I enjoyed reading about how she developed the bond with the dragons I am glad I read Dragon's Keep and enjoyed it enough to give it 3 stars so it wasn't bad, just not what it could have been If just as much attention would have been paid to the third part of the book as the rest I would have given it 4 stars. So, it seems I have a somewhat unpopular opinion when it comes to this book It didn't take me long to develop a negative opinion of Dragon's Keep Within the first 50 pages I was thinking about DNFing it But I stuck with it, and I remained unimpressed.The premise is that Princess Rosalind is the subject of a prophecy Six hundred years before, the great Merlin predicted that the twentyfirst queen of Wilde Island, a descendant of King Arthur's exiled and forgotten sister, Evaine, would stop the war and save her people But Rosalind has been cursed she was born with a dragon's talon as her left ring finger Her mother is the only one who knows, and Rosie helps keep it a secret Then, one day, a dragon swoops in and takes her away, forcing her to look at her life from a different point of view.The characters were extremely boring Rosie has absolutely no personality whatsoever She's weak and cowardly and whiny And when she's not actively being obnoxious, she's on par with a piece of cardboard The muscles in my legs twitched I longed to run, but the beast blocked the way before me and the cliff edge was just behind All I could do was wait, shiver, hide behind my slender sapling, and hope the dragon would not notice me Rosie is content to sit around and wait for someone to save her She harps about planning to escape, but in the end she doesn't ever do a single thing When she finally makes the move to do something, she goes in with the stupidest, most naive plan And she's shocked when it totally backfires.The dragons are, in this novel, monsters that are the mortal enemies of mankind And that's all they are There is no added depth to them whatsoever They exist, they hate humans, and humans hate them.Other characters are utterly useless I didn't feel as though I got to know any of them And the author had no qualms about killing off characters I think that there's a fine line when it comes to killing characters If the death is necessary, even if I might loathe it, I understand where the author is coming from But in this book not a single death was necessary, just adding to the pointlessness of it all.The book had absolutely no worldbuilding and no plot We are told at the very beginning of the novel that Rosalind is descended from Evaine, King Arthur's sister (whose absence in the King Arthur legends is explained away by the fact that everyone wanted to forget she existed.) But where Wilde Island is, I have no idea There is the mention of France Rosalind knows English, French, and Latin But other than that, the book is completely devoid of geographical and cultural information.Dragons are not explained at all There is talk about a past war, a possible dragon uprising, and the healing abilities of a dragon egg But none of it is explained for the reader It's like it's mentioned, and we're just expected to take it at face value and say, Well, that's just how the world is! In my opinion, it's lazy to skimp out on world building.Aside from that, the main premise of the book is that Rosie is taken from her home by a dragon The first third of the novel is completely pointless; it serves to show that a fourteenyearold Rosie was rather lonely and whiny and boring The second third of the novel has Rosie at sixteen She meets a dragonslayer named Kye and falls in love with him in about a week Just after the halfway point, she is finally kidnapped by the dragon And then the rest of the novel is just Rosie complaining as she spends the next year as a nursemaid, cook, and scullery maid to the dragon that kidnapped her.The book is written in such a way that months pass by in mere paragraphs To me, it feels odd For some reason, a certain conversation is important enough to write about, or Rosie spends another few pages complaining about how she has to harvest herbs, and they move on.Plus, one of theunrealistic aspects is that Rosie manages to completely learn an extremely foreign language DragonTongue It appears to take just a few months, and she is able to converse with dragons and translate rhymes from English It made me want to laugh; I've been trying to learn Spanish for years and the best I can do is read some of it and pick out a few words in a spoken conversation.The romantic aspect was poorly done I'll be honest, I laughed out loud when I realized that Dragon's Keep had a love story to it And it wasn't because it was funny It was because it was so poorly done that the book could've done without.Literally, Rosie meets Kye She shares a quiet sadness with him over a slain dragon, but they don't talk about it When she fails to meet his expectations, they argue Then Rosie gets herself in trouble and he comes to the rescue and rips off his shirt to wrap her broken ankle It feels like they've known each other maybe a week, and Rosie is suddenly saying that she's just so in love with him To the point that when he leaves without explicitly coming to say goodbye to her, she laments the fact that she'd ever been born Like, lol seriously?I did not like Dragon's Keep and would not recommend it I found it to be painfully boring and poorly planned out It lacked characterization, an engaging plot, and a good romance I found no redeeming qualities great enough to give this book anythan one star.