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READ DOWNLOAD Ï The Omnivores Dilemma ⚡ The New York Times bestseller that's changing America's diet is now perfect for young readers What's for dinner? seemed like a simple questionuntil journalist and supermarket detective Michael Pollan delved behind the scenes From fast food and big organic to small farms and oldfashioned hunting and gathering, this young readers' adaptation of Pollan's famous foodchain exploration encourages kids to consider the personal and global health implications of their food choicesIn a smart, compelling format with updated facts, plenty of photos, graphs, and visuals, as well as a new afterword and backmatter, The Omnivore's Dilemma serves up a bold message to the generation that needs it most: It's time to take charge of our national eating habitsand it starts with you “The Omnivore's Dilemma” by Michael Pollan is a book that has made me think of food like never before This book, telling you the modern day food culture, and where it is coming from has made me think twice when I make food choices Michael Pollan makes the book interesting by adding images and references, but is very informative By reading this book, I can clearly see the Pollan is a critical thinker, and puts a lot of thought into what he says in this book Since he speaks about something he feels passionate about, and you can hear that in the text, I am very grabbed to reading it The most interesting chapters to me, was the chapters, where i got to know how our modern day food is being made, and what ingredients it contains Since I have never been taught food has been made this way, this was a shock for me, and I found it very interesting to read about I have managed to relate “The Omnivore's Dilemma” to just about everything in my life I question almost everything eat “Does this contain corn”, “Is the milk from this cow happy?”, “Is this being sprayed with pesticides” Luckily, before reading this book, I had settled in being a vegetarian, so when I hear about the inhumane treatment of out animal, I know I have had little to do with that for the past months I am now planning on staying in this situation for some time, unless the animal is being treated humanely of course, since I can in that case support these types of farms This book gives reference to many other things Pollan also visits an industrialorganic farm, as well as the Polyface farm (a real organic farm) He also talks about the doityourselfmeal, where the food is hunted, gathered and gardened I can now forward this information to others, such as my family, and “vote with my fork” as Michael pollan said. The Omnivore's Dilemma, an incredible nonfiction book, tells the reader about the history behind our plates What food cycles exist nowadays, what happens at the start of making or finding our food to eating the food on our plates, and some bits that provoke anger, sadness, and joyfulness The Omnivore's Dilemma goes back to this theme of selfadvocation and how the choices each individual portrays impacts not only the food that we eat, our health, but also the world I would recommend this book to anyone Anyone who wants to learn about food, but mostly how food impacts the society that we live in today. First of all, corn This is all the writer talks about, how corn is in everything and how we're all consuming corn and using corn for anything and everything we do This would be fine (to an extent), if he had given any meaning to it For 20 pages thats all he talks about: corn, corn, corn, corn, we're all eating corn I kept expecting this to be building up to something, like he was going to tell us that our health was detiriotating because of corn or there was some sort of pollution happening because of the massive amounts of corn produced I kept thinking he was going to give meaning to all this blabbering on about corn After all, you can't just talk about something and then not give meaning to it, right? Apparently, wrong The author just goes on and on and on about corn for 20 pages, and then just stops, without stating his purpose in telling us about the corn Sure, he mentions corn a fewtimes throughout the book, but ultimately never says why This is a trend throughout the book too He throws random information at the reader without explaining it At some point he mentions that there are bacteria in our food, then continues without explaining why we should care He just lets us assume that bacteria are bad, without telling us why they are bad He uses classic scare tactics without any real evidence or explenation to back it up This continues throughout the book, and its wildly infuriating Further, the author has clear biases, and while he pretends to address points of view different than his own, he really doesn't So, if you want an intelligent book that doesn't treat you like you're stupid and rant about corn the whole time, I would not reccomend this one. I strongly believe that everyone should know where their food comes from I also believe that everyone should know what it took for that food to get onto their plate The Omnivore's Dilemma does a fantastic job of highlighting those subjects, and in an incredibly approachable way The overall message of this book is fantastic Full disclosure: I've been plantbased for a few years now, and I still highly appreciated the passages about hunting and small, local farming The simple act of getting people to pay attention to their food is a herculean task, and this book does a wonderful job of doing that in a gentle but concrete manner The Omnivore's Dilemma seems like a great stepping stone for folks to finally wake up and see what's going on in factory farming All the information present is a solid introduction to the food industry and the corruption that is at play I also loved that this isn't preachy It's just lays down the information and the reader can chose what to do with that information as they see fit My big thing is knowledge I care that people know what their plates can mean Once they know, they might eat healthiersustainably, or they might not All I want is for folks to be educated on what they're eating So no matter what you decide to consume, having some background information can only help broaden your worldview It never hurts to be in the know on a topic, knowledge is power after all.It's also worth mentioning that I have seen a plethora of documentaries focused on this industry, as well as various food science/nutrition documentaries, that havein depth information on the topics covered in this book I'm going to attribute that to the fact that this was published a few years ago, andinformation has come out since that point Even though I've heard a lot of this stuff before, I still think that it's a great idea to have a refresher on this information from time to time If you find nonfiction intimidating, the audiobook was a wonderful experience as well It made everything seem accessible and the whole thing went by quickly I think if you are at all interested in the food industry, or are a foodie in general, this would be a great book to pick up!