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@Download ⛑ Minutka: The Bilingual Dog and Friends (Polish-English) ñ Sharing a refreshingly contemporary, minimalist design, and beautifully expressive illustrations with its predecessor, Minutka The Bilingual Dog, this book follows the adventures of Minutka a teeny tiny dog who is fluent in both English and Polish as she joins her animal friends to play outside on a perfect day Butterfly, Raccoon, Mother Goose, Fox, Frog, and Coco the Cow are all on board as Minutka dances in the rain, plays in a mud puddle, marvels at an airplane, and pretends to be the Loch Ness Monster while swimming in her little pool She also takes a ride in the car with her family and falls asleep in their bed at the end of a long, tiring day Readers don t need to know Polish or even be children to be entranced by this lovable dog Minutka is fun than ever with the help of her animal friends