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EPUB Û This Is How I Lied ë Gudenkauf Proves Herself The Master Of The Smart, Suspenseful Small Town Thriller That Gets Right Under Your Skin Gilly Macmillan, New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Nanny Everyone Has A Secret They Ll Do Anything To Hide Twenty Five Years Ago, The Body Of Sixteen Year Old Eve Knox Was Found In The Caves Near Her Home In Small Town Grotto, Iowa Discovered By Her Best Friend, Maggie, And Her Sister, Nola There Were A Handful Of Suspects, Including Her Boyfriend, Nick, But Without Sufficient Evidence The Case Ultimately Went ColdFor Decades Maggie Was Haunted By Eve S Death And That Horrible Night Now A Detective In Grotto, And Seven Months Pregnant, She Is Thrust Back Into The Past When A New Piece Of Evidence Surfaces And The Case Is Reopened As Maggie Investigates And Reexamines The Clues, Secrets About What Really Happened Begin To Emerge But Someone In Town Knows Than They Re Letting On, And They Ll Stop At Nothing To Keep The Truth Buried DeepCheck Out These Other Riveting Novels Of Suspense By Bestselling Author Heather Gudenkauf The Weight Of SilenceThese Things HiddenOne Breath AwayLittle MerciesMissing PiecesNot A SoundBefore She Was Found 4.5 Maggie Kennedy O Keefe is a detective in the small town where she was raised When her best friend, Eve Knox, was found dead 25 years ago, the case went unsolved, but now new evidence emerges providing Maggie with the chance to finally close the case and possibly catch the killer You have no idea what Eve would have wanted Immediately, this story screams thriller with a tragic death, numerous suspects, layered motives and a town full of secrets Adding to the suspense are multiple POVs and a shifting timeline between past and present making the chapter choreography perfectly orchestrated With Maggie as the protagonist, she brings an interesting element to the investigation creating a constant tension I know better than anyone that everything you love can be taken away in a second Besides Maggie, this cast of characters brings a full range of variety and complexity In particular, Nola is one that challenges the reader with her peculiar interests yet she also has vulnerabilities I suspected everyone throughout this book and I enjoyed guessing along the way There were some aspects that left me wondering about a certain character, but buried truths have a way of staying that way This is How I Lied is a crime thriller laced with compelling characters and an engrossing plot that keeps the reader wondering until the very last pageAn ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review This was a F BR with Twinsie Hawkey For reviews reveals giveaways visit Ladies and gentleman, we have another WINNER As soon as I saw Heather Gudenkauf s name, I requested this book without reading its blurb, because Before She was found was one of my last year s favorite, underrated books and I believe her new book will be also another surprising, twisting, heart throbbing, gripping thriller And yes, I don t have to be clairvoyant to know I ll get something fresh, mind numbing, well written with impeccably crafted, complex characters It is already at my top ten favorite thrillers list of this year.The story is told by 3 narrators Officer Maggie Kennedy O keefe, investigating a 25 years old cold case her best friend Eve Knox s brutal murder A woman officer investigates the brutal murder when she is expecting gives us Frances McDormand s Marge Gunderson vibes from Fargo Eve Knox, victim, 15 years old, is living her sister Nola who is showing sociopathic tendencies and her hard working, strict mother We re going back and forth between her murder day and present time to catch the parts of her story and getting a clue about whodunit These parts are heart wrenching because Eve also suffers from abuses of her boyfriend Nick, dealing with family problems and her best friend Maggie gives her cold shoulder who seems like keeping a terrible secret from her From the beginning till the end, Eve s story confuses our minds and gives so many perpetrator candidates, pointing fingers to the different people.And Nola describing her as weird could be wrong because her animal dissecting practices, hoarding tendencies and transcriptions of her s ances with her psychiatrist tells us she could be twin sister of Dexter And when we go back and forth between past and present we see that her mother might have lied about her whereabouts at the murder time She is the most irritating, disturbing character of the book From the beginning you get suspicious about motives and she can easily surprise us with her unexpected actions.The case is reopened after a new piece of evidence victim s shoe is found by little kid Now forensics technology improved and DNA results could help them to get better results Maggie is 7 months pregnant This is her miracle child because she and her husband Shaun tried too many times to be parents and now they have to be cautious Maggie needs to stay away from stressful situations But when the case reopens, she also knows she already reopened the can of worms because there are so many secret will be resurfaced Her father Henry who was also police officer conducted the investigation 25 years ago but he didn t find a suspect Now he suffers from amnesia and he forgets what you tell him a few minutes later But Maggie thinks her father keeps to himself something secret about the investigation Something deadly crucial and important.Maggie also keeps secrets that can change everything about the case and her own life She already gets death threats and somebody put their barn into the fire to give her a message If she shares with her husband, it can destroy their marriage but she finds out, her husband was also friend of Eve and he was one of the last persons who has seen her before getting killed Why Shaun didn t mention it to his wife So who killed Eve Knox At the last third The author throws a bomb into our laps A shocking revelation And after this revelation, you start to read action packed, heart pounding, blood freezing, high tension last quarter while you re sitting at the edge of your couch and getting sick of biting your nails and starting to bite your couch pillows and your mouth keeps getting filled with feathers.Overall Pacing, story development, characterization are perfect I couldn t put it down and turn into home quarantined couch potato and I never regretted It was one of my best reads of the year Special thanks to NetGalley and HARLEQUIN Park Row for sharing this powerful ARC in exchange my honest review And special thanks to Heather Gudenkauf for writing this remarkable, moving, gripping novel. A little update, my blog tour date for this title has been confirmed for May 16th Be sure to check back for my full review I appreciate y all.This certainly sounds interesting and is getting really great early reviews Thank you so much, Park Row Books, for my ARC I appreciate it so much Total page turner Quite possibly Heather s best book yet though I love them all Layered and smart, with truly nuanced characters and an unexpected ending Must read