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This was an excellent book Just wait until you read it The bear friends set off on a dangerous adventure They will attempt to cross Smoke Mountain There have been tales about a hunter who kills and skins bears, but is it true Also, Smoke Mountain has been known for its allusions, and the rising smoke that comes from the Earth But before the bears even try to get there, they must first cross the Great River Can they all make it Or will one bear be left behind, forever THis book is really good, Its about three bears who have to try to get through smoke mountain I reccomend this book for 5 through 6 graders and has bears finding the place were all bears go or try to go to have a better life they have hard journeys through the mountains becuase of hunters and other animals Then they finally reach a place that looks so good they think their there but are they Although I m older than the targeted age group of this series, I do love the series I love these little bears, they have become my friends.I ve read the 3rd one in Dutch, just because I found it cheap and I want my future children to also read the series. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here The bear want to sleep and her want on the water and her sleep and her want to see the house and her kids and her gone and her get her food and her want to home and her get wet and her needs to shower and her sick and sleep It s kind of sad when the bear dies and when Taqquiq I don t know haw to write it leaves, but it s still awsome. ALL I REMEMBER FROM READING THIS was that my favourite parts were the Kallik and Taqqiq scenes Their sibling relationship was portrayed very well, and their conflicts were heartbreaking TAQQIQ I CRIED SO HARD WHEN HE LEFT Augh So sad. |Ebook ♵ Smoke Mountain ☪ The Last Great WildernessThere is a place where bears can live in peace, where there is sea ice all year, where the forests are full of prey, where flat faces never go Polar bears Kallik and Taqqiq, black bear Lusa, grizzly Toklo, and the shape shifting Ujurak believe that this fabled bear paradise must be the destination of their quest But the path they follow is dangerousThe burning Smoke Mountains are treacherous than anything the bears have faced before, and tensions run high as they encounter obstacle after obstacle A rushing river and hostile flat faces separate them from their goal, and a bear is pushed to the brink of death Signs and omens point in different directions, and the bears, though traveling together, must each follow his or her own star causing one bear to leave the group foreverBut as the others travel on, they soon learn that it will take all their strength and determination to reach their destination And, if they reach it at last, they may learn that what they thought was their quest s end is in fact a new beginning I read this book in two days Wow, this series is getting so good I can t wait to read the next book What an epic adventure and a fast read Highly recommend. Los the brother and grew tighter as a team They find what they think they are looking for, but there is another book or two in the series Almost want to end it here as I worry it will end sadly But the next book is on my shelf At least this one did not read like an episode of Brother Bear. This book felt a little rushed compared to the Warriors series by the same author It also felt a bet like a jump into the story, but since I haven t read books 1 and 2 you should not take that seriously.