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I was a trifle disappointed in this one by Dorothy Cannell Mrs Malloy I found irritatingthan usual The descriptions of places and events as from a Gothic romance were just over the top. GreatI totally love the Ellie Haskel series! These books have such fun mysteries and are filled with humor too! A wonderful relaxing read. She Shoots to Conquer by Dorothy Cannell is the 13th book of the Ellie Haskell comiccozy mystery series set in contemporary Yorkshire, England Ellie, Ben and their housekeeper Mrs Malloy get lost while driving in heavy fog, and for safety stop for the night at Mucklesfield Manor Short of funds to maintain his family estate, the current Lord Belfrey has agreed to participate in a reality show 'Here Comes the Bride', where women compete to become his wife, and therefore Lady of the Manor His heart was longago lost to Eleanor, a young woman unhappily married to the previous Lord Belfry She disappeared years ago, presumably absconding with the family jewels Mucklesfield is a dilapidated, uncaredfor mess inside; the estate grounds are sorely neglected.The first contestant arrived before Ellie and Ben; tragically, her car crashed into a ravine in the fog, and she died The Hollywood director frets over the number of contestants changing from 6 to 5 Rosie Malloy (in her usual narcissistic and overly self confident way) offers to join in, sure she will win, and live the life of luxury she reads about in Gothic novels.Mucklesfield has an unsavory trio of servants, formerly homeless criminals, who provide a minimum of disgusting service When the Hollywood director, an astonishing piggy eater, learns that Ben is a gourmet chef, he pressures Ellie and Ben to stay A lovable stray dog jumps into Ellie's bedroom window and becomes her constant companion, making her time at Mucklesfield bearable Later her beloved Thumper returns in the nick of time to save lives.Long on humor, the plot drags through each contestant's individual pros and cons, the evil cousin's nastiness vs the good cousin's near sainthood, the cruel tricks the Hollywood director has staged around the estate to juice up his filming.Ellie guesses the true identities of many of the characters and solves multiple mysteries, bringing all subplots to happy endings (some really 'soppy') This is probably the last book in the series, which has become increasingly sillier as it progressed I liked Thumper best in this story. Loved the idea to set this book in the middle of a reality dating show I feel like Dorothy Cannell is the English version of Donna Andrews, except that while Andrew's Meg Langslowe is the calm one at the center of the storm, Ellie Haskell gets swept away with everyone around her I love her books, but I do feel a little frustrated by the amount of interior monologue going on It slows the book down too much. ( Download ) ☧ She Shoots to Conquer ☢ On a dark and foggy night, Ellie Haskell, husband Ben, and plucky sidekick Mrs Malloy are stranded at a grand estate on the Yorkshire moors To save crumbling Mucklesfeld Manor, Lord Belfrey is the prize on a TV reality show Here Comes the Bride A potential bride is shot during an archery contest, and Ellie investigates Always a good reading experience! My first Dorothy Cannell and maybe my last Slow, plodding, and lacking in many ways This is book 13 so may be the author is getting tired of theseries (?) She Shoots to Conquer had a fun cover and a promising premise: Ellie Haskell, her husband, and her housekeeper, Mrs Malloy, lose their way in the fog one night and find themselves at a mansion where Lord Belfrey is hoping to recoup the family fortune by hosting a reality show, a version of The Bachelor where he is the bachelor in question They arrive just after one of the contestants has died, seemingly in an accident Meanwhile, the housekeeper, Mrs Malloy offers to take the dead woman's place in the contest It sounds quirky enough to be fun, and it had a great opening paragraph After that, I stalled out quite rapidly.She Shoots to Conquer is a pseudosemigothic book; a parodythatisn't, where the metafictional mess piles up until neither reader nor narrator is quite sure where she stands In other words: I bounced off of this Hard Ellie loves gothics intensely She also has a vivid imagination, so vivid she's never really sure she's seeing what something or just imagining it Once or twice, I could see, but after the third or fourth variation of Did I really see it, or did I just imagine it? I know my imagination is really vivid, I lost patience with Ellie The prose is pseudogothic, which means intends up layered densely over itself in an unwieldy mass I slogged through three chapters, skipped over for a bit, read the last bit, jumped around, and gave up.I'll stick to the Aunt Dimity books, I think, for those times when I'm in the mood for gothic lite.Note: This review was originally written for my blog, There are lotsbook reviews, craft tips, and photographs there! this was a british book and the rythm of the language is different from american english Some of the humor you won't get some you will the book revolves around a decorator her chef husband their housekeeper being stranded in a fog at a old castle/manor where a new british reality show is about to start A cash short lord looking for a bride worthy of the title she must be able to help him fix up the place turn it around I wish I got to know her husband Ben a bitYou get a pretty good idea about the housekeeper Mrs Malloy the decorator (main character) I got a kick out of the fact the lord looks like Cary Grant Anyway I am intrigued enough to try another one of her novels I think it hurt that I couldn't devote big chunks of time to reading the book Like I said earlier the rythem of her writing took me some getting used to Next time I won't put the book down for days at a time. Ellie, Ben, and Mrs Malloy are lost in a terrible fog and end up in a terrible old castle peopled with very strange individuals It is to be the base of a reality show to find a wife for the Lord of the manor Ben is coaxed in to staying to cook for the staff and competitors and Mrs Malloy becomes a contestant Ellie befriends several contestants and a sweet dog who jumps through the skylight onto her bed in the middle of the night A contestant dies on arrival, but was it murder? That doesn't become clear until the very end of the book so there isn't a real investigation The bigger mystery is what happened to the wife of the previous Lord of the manner who is said to have run away with the family jewels and family dog.A bitslowly paced than other Dorothy Cannell mysteries, but still filled with her typical humor.