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|Kindle ☲ Design Patterns by Tutorials: Learning Design Patterns in Swift 4 ♨ Learn iOS Design Patterns Design patterns are reusable solutions to common development problems They aren t project specific, so you can adapt and use them in countless apps By learning design patterns, you ll become a better developer, save time and work lessDesign Patterns by Tutorials is here to help This book is the easiest and fastest way to get hands on experience with the iOS design patterns you need to knowWho This Book Is ForWhether you re a beginner, intermediate or advanced iOS developer, this book is for you You can either read this book from cover to cover, or skip around to just the patterns you want to learnTopics Covered in Design Patterns by TutorialsGetting Started You ll first learn about how design patterns work and how they can help you build better, cleaner apps Fundamental Patterns You ll progress onto fundamental design patterns, such as MVC, Delegation, and Strategy, which you re likely to use on every iOS app Intermediate Patterns You ll then learn about intermediate design patterns, such as MVVM, Factory, and Adapter, which are less common than fundamental patterns but still very useful for most apps You ll finish off by learning about advanced design patterns, including Flyweight, Mediator and Command You likely won t use these on every app, but they may be just what you need to solve a difficult problem One thing you can count on after reading this book, you ll be well prepared to use design patterns in your own apps