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@Download Epub ⚹ The Black Cat × The Black Cat is one of Edgar Allan Poe s most memorable stories The tale centers around a black cat and the subsequent deterioration of a man The story is often linked with The Tell Tale Heart because of the profound psychological elements these two works share The story opens in the cell of a prisoner the day before he is to be executed by hanging.After introducing himself to readers as a man who underwent a horrifying experience, the prisoner writes down the details of this experience, which led to his imprisonment and scheduled execution.The events in his tale are set at his home and in a tavern Although these events take place over several years, the recounting of these events in writing takes place on a single day in the narrator s prison cell Prisoner 4 Characters The Narrator , a prisoner scheduled for execution His loathing of a cat he once loved leads to his commission of a capital crime The Narrator s Wife , a woman of agreeable disposition who likes animals and obtains many pets for her husband First Black Cat , a cat named Pluto that loves the narrator but irritates him when it follows him everywhere.Second Black Cat , a cat that resembles the first black cat and may be a reincarnation of the latter or so the narrator may think Policemen , officers who investigate the happenings at the home of the narrator Servant , Person working in the narrator s household ABOUT AUTHOR Edgar Allan Poe, born January 19, 1809, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S died October 7, 1849, Balti, Maryland , American short story writer, poet, critic, and editor who is famous for his cultivation of mystery and the macabre His tale The Murders in the Rue Morgue 1841 initiated the modern detective story, and the atmosphere in his tales of horror is unrivaled in American fiction His The Raven 1845 numbers among the best known poems in the national literature EARLY LIFE Poe was the son of the English born actress Elizabeth Arnold Poe and David Poe, Jr., an actor from Balti After his mother died in Richmond, Virginia, in 1811, he was taken into the home of John Allan, a Richmond merchant presumably his godfather , and of his childless wife He was later taken to Scotland and England 1815 20 , where he was given a classical education that was continued in Richmond For 11 months in 1826 he attended the University of Virginia, but his gambling losses at the university so incensed his guardian that he refused to let him continue, and Poe returned to Richmond to find his sweetheart, Sarah Elmira Royster, engaged He went to Boston, where in 1827 he published a pamphlet of youthful Byronic poems, Tamerlane, and Other Poems Poverty forced him to join the army under the name of Edgar A Perry, but, on the death of Poe s foster mother, John Allan purchased his release from the army and helped him get an appointment to the U.S Military Academy at West Point Before going, Poe published a new volume at Balti, Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor Poems 1829 He successfully sought expulsion from the academy, where he was absent from all drills and classes for a week He proceeded to New York City and brought out a volume of Poems, containing several masterpieces, some showing the influence of John Keats, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge He then returned to Balti, where he began to write stories In 1833 his MS Found in a Bottle won 50 from a Balti weekly, and by 1835 he was in Richmond as editor of the Southern Literary Messenger There he made a name as a critical reviewer and married his young cousin Virginia Clemm, who was only 13 Poe seems to have been an affectionate husband and son in law Poe was dismissed from his job in Richmond, apparently for drinking, and went to New York City. I have never read Edgar Allan Poe s writing before So after reading this short story, I was immediately intrigued Right after I finished reading this story I was like Whoa What did I just read This is one of the darkest tales that I have ever read Horrifying Gruesome Edgar Allan Poe is literally the master of horror Poe gives a disturbing creepy glimpse into the mind of the narrator The narrator begins with his kind and human younger self In subsequent years he descended into madness and violence due to the addiction of alcohol I immediately hated the narrator when he lose control and cut open his pet cat s eye out Vile Inhuman Animal cruelty is a terrible thing, it was a very uncomfortable read and made me squirmed when the narrator detailed his cruelty It s true that animal abusers tend to be psychopaths The story is perfectly eerie and dark I personally think that a truly scary and disturbed bad guy is the strength of any story I m not going to reveal much on the plot as this is a short story I would like to invite all of you to read it here The Black CatI particularly loved the ending The Black Cat is a story adorned by unexpected twists and a surprising ending, completed with Poe s grand writing style. The Black Cat, Edgar Allan PoeThe Black Cat is a short story by American writer Edgar Allan Poe It was first published in the August 19, 1843 The narrator tells us that from an early age he has loved animals He and his wife have many pets, including a large, beautiful black cat as described by the narrator named Pluto This cat is especially fond of the narrator and vice versa Their mutual friendship lasts for several years, until the narrator becomes an alcoholic One night, after coming home completely intoxicated, he believes the cat to be avoiding him When he tries to seize it, the panicked cat bites the narrator, and in a fit of rage, he seizes the animal, pulls a pen knife from his pocket, and deliberately gouges out the cat s eye 1997 1376 160 9643052958 1381 126 19 1385 96 9647760531 1395 53 9786008406273. A morbid story of Edgar Allan Poe, probably one of his most famous ones, the black cat about a man slowly going hysterical, madder and madder and a cat or actually two playing a key part in increasing his insanity and leading up to morbid actionsWhat brings a man to write such stories I understood Poe did not have the best of lives himself.A great writer though, intriguing stories Four stars, will further edit in the coming days Here s a bit of background from Wikipedia The Black Cat is a short story by American writer Edgar Allan Poe It was first published in the August 19, 1843, edition of The Saturday Evening Post It is a study of the psychology of guilt, often paired in analysis with Poe s The Tell Tale Heart.Spoiler although who doesn t know this story In both, a murderer carefully conceals his crime and believes himself unassailable, but eventually breaks down and reveals himself, impelled by a nagging reminder of his guilt My wife had called my attention, than once, to the character of the mark of white hair, of which I have spoken, and which constituted the sole visible difference between the strange beast and the one I had destroyed It was now the representation of an object that I shudder to name and for this, above all, I loathed, and dreaded, and would have rid myself of the monster had I dared it was now, I say, the image of a hideous of a ghastly thing of the Gallows oh, mournful and terrible engine of Horror and of Crime of Agony and of Death Here is another classic Poe tale of dissolution and madness It s very similar to The Tell Tale Heart, yet different in interesting ways For one thing, this tale is told from a distant, calm, and indeed sane perspective Unlike The Tell Tale Heart, which begins with the narrator breathlessly trying to convince the reader of his sanity, here the narrator calmly states that I neither expect nor solicit belief in his tale, but that because he is to die tomorrow presumably to be executed , he wishes to unburthen my soul of the events that have terrified have tortured have destroyed me We begin with a mundane account of the narrator s early years He was known from a young age for loving pets What a good guy After his marriage, his wife gets him birds, fish, a dog, rabbits, a small monkey, and a cat And that s where things start to go wrong with that cat or rather with the narrator s perception of it There s a hint that the narrator starts abusing alcohol, and then starts abusing the cat, and when the cat bites him a little, a demon instantly possessed me and he cuts out one of its eyes spoilers to follow Quickly the descent into madness gathers force He hangs the cat, not because it did him any wrong, but because of precisely the opposite he hung it because I knew that it had loved me, and because I felt it had given me no reason of offense hung it because I knew that in so doing I was committing a sin It s the transgression itself that he can t resist When he gets another cat, he can t help feeling the same way toward it, and the pressure builds inside him until he takes an axe to it, and when his wife stops him, he kills her with the axe, bricks up her corpse inside the wall, and when the police come and search his house, they don t find her until he can t help himself he taps the wall until there s a wailing shriek from inside, and the police uncover the corpse and there is the cat too, whose informing voice had consigned me to the hangman There s an interesting and perhaps obvious use of symbolism throughout the voice from the bricked up tomb is like the repressed voices inside him that caused him to do these evil deeds, and the black cat is of course a famous symbol of superstition and bad luck Nonetheless, this tale isn t too heavy handed about any of this It works on a purely narrative level in the same deliciously macabre way of Poe s best work, and provides another keen insight into irrationality and the demons lurking inside the human heart.