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(((Ebook))) ⇹ Neck Dissection ↙ Cutting edge neck dissection resource provides expert guidance on its use in a wide spectrum of head and neck pathologies Dissection of critical structures of the neck is integral to head and neck surgery, for both benign and malignant neck masses and diagnoses of the head, skull base, and cervicothoracic junction Neck Dissection by Brendan Stack and Mauricio Moreno is a comprehensive treatise on state of the art neck dissection With contributions from an impressive cadre of international leaders in head and neck surgery, this in depth, yet concise evidence based guide covers fundamental and advanced principles of cervical lymphadenopathy surgeryThe book begins with preoperative evaluation of cervical lymphadenopathy candidates, history of procedures, international nodal level classifications, and surgical neck anatomy Subsequent chapters address the subtleties between different dissection modalities including radical, modified radical, selective, supraomohyoid, and salvage, as well as insights on complications and rehabilitation Current imaging methods are discussed in context with anatomical structures and malignancies, including cross sectional, ultrasound, and integrated FDG PET CT Pathology and adjuvant therapies for malignant diseases of the neck are also discussedKey FeaturesThe latest advances in immunology and cell signaling of neck metastatic disease, related to cervical lymph node and extracapsular spreadAnatomic and pathophysiologic nuances encountered in the treatment of squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, salivary gland malignancies, and thyroid carcinomasSpecial topics such as prophylactic neck dissection, robotics, intraoperative nerve monitoring, adjuvant therapy for neck nodal disease, and histopathologic neck dissection evaluationNearlyradiographs and illustrations, as well as online supplementary video material enhance understanding of impacted anatomy and proceduresAll clinicians involved in the interdisciplinary diagnosis and treatment of head and neck pathologies will benefit from this outstanding operative guideThis book includes complimentary access to a digital copy on