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( PDF ) ☥ The Kuiper Belt ♕ Overview Kuiper Belt NASA Solar SystemWhat Is the Kuiper Belt NASA Space Place The Kuiper Belt is named after a scientist named Gerard Kuiper Inhe had the idea that a belt of icy bodies might have existed beyond Neptune when the solar system formed He was trying to explain where comets with small orbits came from No one had seen anything out there yet because it s hard to see small comets past Neptune even with the best telescopes But even without being ableThe Kuiper Belt When Solar Systems Dance Latest The Kuiper belt starts just past the orbit of Neptune, orAU to aboutAU, with the precise boundary depending on which astronomer you ask F or those of you not up to date on random astronomy jargon, an AU is short for astronomical unit , or the distance between the Earth and sun soAU meanstimes farther away from the sun than the Earth is Kuiper belt Definition, Location, Size, Facts Kuiper belt, flat ring of icy small bodies that revolve around the Sun beyond the orbit of the planet Neptune It comprises hundreds of millions of objects whose orbits lie close to the plane of the solar system The Kuiper belt is thought to be the source of most of the observed short period comets Kuiper Belt Facts Interesting Facts about theOSSOS XX The Meaning of Kuiper Belt Colors The vast majority of Kuiper Belt objects KBOs are too faint for spectroscopic observations, but their surface composition can be studied with broadband photometry Photometric observations indicate that the color distribution of KBOs is bimodalwith red R de ned as g iin Wong Brownobservations made in the ugriz magnitude system andveryred VR g iclasses Things to Know About the Kuiper Belt NASA The Kuiper Belt is named for astronomer Gerard Kuiper, who published a scientific paper inthat speculated about objects beyond Pluto Kuiper s work didn t actually predict the populations of objects we observe in the region named for him, or crucially, their relationship with Neptune Neptune s orbit, not Pluto s, defines the belt s inner edge and it s largely Neptune s gravity thatKuiper Belt Objects Facts about the Kuiper Belt Kuiper Belt formation When the solar system formed, much of the gas, dust and rocks pulled together to form the sun and planetsThe planets then swept most of the remaining debris into the sun orCeinture de Kuiper Wikipdia Ceinture de Kuiper ou d Edgeworth Kuiper Objets connus de la ceinture de Kuiper Image issue de donnes du Centre des plantes mineuresLes objets de la ceinture de Kuiper principale sont en vert formant un cercle dont le diamtre occupe la moiti de l image et les objets pars en orange la majorit des points disperss sans label