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I was admittedly slightly worried going into this mainly because mmm isn t usually my cup of tea and I had really enjoyed the little moments we got of Mason and Heart in the previous books and was looking forward to seeing how their relationship panned out but slightly put off at someone else being added into the mix I felt Mason and Heart had such good chemistry and I really enjoyed their friendship and when things got a little heated between the two Adding Lucky in, at first, I didn t quite like because of the way it was played out BUT I ended up really adoring the three together Lucky added a balance to the trio Mason and Heart were both insecure about the same thing but in different forms and Lucky added this confidence in that helped both men They all three helped one another in different aspects they needed one another to heal in the different ways they needed to Plus the steamy scenes between all three were whew While I did feel like some things were overshadowed by having three and it wasn t my normal kind of read I really did enjoy this By the end I was melting from the their chemistry meshing together and how they all three completed one another.Plus we got to see some former couples and other characters stories pan out a tiny bit which is always a plus Four stars because I love this series, the writing and this trio added a beautiful addition to it I loved the first half but the second half felt like a whole different book Too corny for my tastes Some conflict would have been good. 3,75 stars I m always careful when it comes to m m m, but I really liked the premise of the 3rd instalment in this series.There is a lot to like Heart who has been burnt and betrayed very badly by his previous boyfriend A young man with a difficult past and a prison sentence to prove it.Mason, the ultimate nerdy nerd, cute and genuine and forever blushing.Lucky, who is strong and dependable and such a good person at heart, it made me heart all gooey.I loved Heart s lessons in how to enjoy sex with Mason and Mason s eagerness to learn.I loved Lucky s warmth, protectiveness and his honest attraction to both men.I loved Mason, bringing them all together by simply being himself.However, the first half of the book is really slow It takes up to 50% or so for all three MCs to actually meet Obviously, they meet in twos before, but that s when their three way relationship starts to develop.For me that was too late And from there it all develops swimmingly and with virtually no hick ups Which is nice but maybe not quite realistic Not that I didn t like these three together they really are incredibly hot, and sweet in the best possible way And they are all very inclusive of each other nobody is left out.I just can t see how they would have no issues at all How everything went so beautifully and easily to plan.So I am a bit torn with my rating here.Plot 2,5 starsCharacters 4,5 starsSex 4,5 starsWhich in my books ended up as a 3,75 rating I did not use my calculator, guys, just gut feeling The first half of the story was so good Mason is adorkable Heart made my heart hurt I had some reservations about Lucky He seemed too rigid and uptight But I loved how he treated Mason.Unfortunately, the 2nd half of the story started going downhill for me I didn t really know remember this was an M M M romance When the threesome dating started I got a little bored with the slow pacing The makeout sessions between the three of them almost made me uncomfortable I started to think that both Mason and Heart needed to start letting go of their issues because I was getting tired of the repetition For some strange reason the age gap didn t work for me in this story Very unusual for me and it s only 10 or 11 years between Lucky and the other two It felt a little daddyish to me.This book needed a good editor and proofreader Now I m starting to sound like I didn t enjoy the story which is not true at all I love this series and all the Ballsy Boys I m looking forward to. HML2.5 starsI liked HeartI loved MasonI never warmed up to LuckyAs a throuple they just didn t work for meThe book had some really sweet moments as well as adorably cute ones but I didn t particularly like the relationship dynamic There was just something that felt off. This was very ahem BALLSY ahem By that, I mean, there were numerous but well placed sexy times of the scorching variety which was 10000% appreciated.While I didn t feel the 3 men were at the declaration of love stage yet, I felt the connection between them and totally believed they cared for each other and were in it for the long run This sometimes is difficult to achieve with a m nage book I was than happy with the outcome.P.S I really need Pixie Bear s Book now 4.5 stars Great book 3 for our boys Mason, Lucky and Heart make a great threesome Each person brings a different element to the table that makes for great reading Looking forward to Pixie and Campy s books. 3.5 starsI liked all the characters and really enjoyed the first part of the book The second part was a bit slow for me, with a lot of repetitive thoughts about why one or the other is going to be ditched when the other 2 realize they are not necessary to the threesome It also seemed like a few characters were introduced or a potential plot raised, but were never brought to anything view spoiler especially all the talk about the new parole officer who was likely to give Heart a hard time hide spoiler Another great instalment in the Ballsy Boys seriesI do love a good menage and this one took its time to build up with each of the three men needing their own unique approach to the complexities of a relationship with two others.Each one brought something to the relationship that the others needed and it was a gradual build up of trust between Heart, Mason and Lucky before they finally took the step to solidify their threesome.It s a sexy read, but not overtly so and it worked the better for it I think The sex is emotional and connected with equal time given to developing each side of the triangle.I m still waiting to see if Pixie lands Bear and get the story behind Campy s new roommate and I d not be adverse to finding out if doorman Greg and Lucky s brother Ranger get their HEAs too ^Book ⇻ Heart (Ballsy Boys #3) ↠ How does a guy who vowed not to trust another man ever again end up falling for not one, but two men Some people might look down on being an adult star, but this job has been my salvation It s the only one that didn t turn me away when learning about my criminal record After being screwed over by my ex, I vowed to never let another man close, but when my sweet, nerdy friend Mason asks for my help improving his skills in the bedroom, I can t resist And then there s my gorgeous yet grumpy parole officer who has made it his mission to save me They both seem determined to test my resolve, and it s getting harder and harder to remind myself why it s so dangerous to trust Heart is an MMM romance and the third book in the sexy, emotional Ballsy Boys series It can be read as a stand alone, but it sfun reading the series in order Contains one dorky nerd, a sexy parole officer, and a man who learns he s worthy to be loved.