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I really enjoyed this book It's a lot to digest, think about and rethink I'm about to reread it and make new notes Very well done in a great way. Note I received a free copy of this book I generally enjoyed the overall message of the book and the last few chapters spoke to me on a deeper andsoulful level However, some of the earlier bits were a bit distracting in their tone and the organization of information As it is a shorter book, I would still recommend this to anyone who is embarking on the journey of determining their place in the universe and what it means to be a member of a larger collective group. There is a phrase in this book that stood out for me, Wells have water in them, but the water is not something the well creates or owns I could describe this book as philosophical, and even just trying to pin it down does not do it justice, because never before have I come across a book that explores consciousness, goodness and freedom There is this belief that there are higher powers, a certain level that man has attained or resides in that sets us apart from all the other speciesand in reading this book, John Lefebvre demystifies these misconceptions.It's an engaging read and if you get your hands on it, I hope you love chapter four, The Higher Trusts, as much as I did.Thanks Netgalley for the eARC, this book is a great conversation generator. Could not, would not, finish this book.I could not finish this book.I would not finish this book.I would not read it on a train.I would not read it on a plane.I could not read it on the bus.I could not read it thus.I tried to read it several times.And failed again and again to get into it It just did not connect with me.So I have put it down to let it be.(This is the first review posted for a book marked did not finish' With reading over 100 book a year I only give a book 3 or 4 tries and then abandon it This is one of those abandoned volumes.) I love books that make me think outside the box, and that are written with eccentric flair and unique style What I loved most about this book is that the writer is not pandering, mansplaining or dumbing down the readers intellect He challenges us to think, and to make thoughtful connections about topics that are traditionally written about with formality and rigidity He explores topics of human rights, dignity, liberty, and justice and gives us the opportunity to peer at ourselves and our institutions through perspective of superiority, privilege, and individuality and then ultimately responsibility, compassion and unity This is a book that provokes awakening or intrigues the awakened Loved it! PS: I bought the hard cover version which is a total experience in tactile pleasure for book lovers Gorgeous linen cover, gold embossing, silk bookmark, and illustrations throughout if you love that kind of experience i highly recommend! I received this book in a Goodreads giveaway I was excited to read it, but anyone who has a conscious will be able to tell that this is not a well written book The author talks about everything wrong in the world politics, poverty, rape, but never gives a single clear point or well argued conclusive path to take to solve these issues The entire thing sounds like it was written by a pretentious first year university student Below are some real quotes from this treasure:Money is safe with bankers Nothing travels faster than the speed of light We are unique in the universe.As the wise among you will realize, the very phenomenon that you are not already overrun by alien pricks is proof of the fact [universal rights are accorded to all eternally] But the situation for most pricks is complicated, and not everything we pricks do is Prickish.Upon what basis will we justify enforcement against someone who proclaims, for example, religion freedom, or protection of a sovereign boundary, when she insists upon slashing off the clitoris of her twelveyear old niece with an otherwise useless old rusty tincan top?An implied Trust is breached every time pricks rig shit to their own personal advantage andOn behalf of all Canadians I'd like to formally reject this piece of literature as procured by our country Maybe the States can have it? Although there are some great profound universal truths (*see clitoris passage above), I can confidently say that I have not learned a thing from this book Or as the author might say: 'In the omnipresence of knowledge, it is no secret that the act of attaining knowledge from bodies of writing was not uniquely possible at this time.'Thank you John Thank you. I don't know what this book is about I could not get past the third page and frankly, it was through sheer perseverance that I got that far I thought the book was a philosophical essay about life and nature, but it had a religious focus that did not interest me Further, it suffers, as do all selfpublished books, from a lack of organization and cohesion as well as grammar issues All selfpublished books are in need of an editor I put this to all people who selfpublish: if great and talented writers use editors, then it behooves a person who publishes on his own due to rejection from publishing houses to hire an editor.Note: I received this book in a giveaway from Goodreads. *Download Pdf ☂ Alls Well ↷ A freewheeling rollick through the history and future of our species, All’s Well Where Thou Art Earth and Why blends philosophy, metaphysics and ethics into an original and lyrical meditation on refining our place in the universe generations out of the caves, we think we know our place in the vastness of the cosmos Onlyyears ago we hardly knew that our Sun is just another star Today, we still believe we’re the most intelligent beings to exist Yet simple arithmetic suggests there are at leasttrillion thoughtful species elsewhere We’re not alone in the universe, just lonely: when we sufficiently mature, others may be in touch All’s Well suggests that this maturation will be deeply rooted in our acknowledgement that­­­—at our core—we are vessels of consciousness, astonishment and love With this positive summary of the human condition, Lefebvre argues that the United States’ foundational ideals form the correct basis for a set of Universal Rights and Responsibilities, excepting that they never were, and still are not yet, universal Moreover, says Lefebvre, when those with privilege accept accessible freedoms while being careless with those who have not been so fortunate, they have not earned such freedom but are merely taking liberties Even these liberties come with responsibilities: to protect all humans from deprivation, and all the natural bounty from degradation To accept that these responsibilities have no borders, and to act accordingly, has never been pressing Interweaving small, autobiographical glimpses of Lefebvre’s remarkable life and career, All’s Well is nevertheless a story of us all, providing a rare and lyrical perspective on humankind—and what both parts of that word truly mean John Lefebvre is a Canadian musician, composer, author, entrepreneur, retired lawyer and philanthropist He is cofounder of DeSmog Blog, a former director of the David Suzuki Foundation, founding director of the David Suzuki Institute and a founding supporter of The Dalai Lama Centre for Peace and Education He lives on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, with his family I received this for free through a Goodreads giveaway I couldn’t get past the first few pages I tried skipping ahead, but the writing is so atrocious I couldn’t force myself to waste my time any further I don’t think a publisher or an editor could have fixed this mess The parts I pushed through, read almost like a manifesto someone writes before they do something drastic I’m disappointed because the synopsis of the book sounded great. Received via the GoodReads Giveaway.Interesting book, philosophical ramblings, with wellmade points I enjoyed how honest the author was about himself with regards to what he did and how he acted, which made the book eveninteresting.