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I read half of this in college and put it aside I should finish it sometime It s pretty interesting and definitely worth reading if you are curious about the key time periods and contributions of Asian immigration to the United States. [[ PDF ]] ⇯ Sons of the Yellow Emperor: A History of the Chinese Diaspora ☝ THE FIRST COMPREHENSIVE ACCOUNT OF THE WORLD S GREATIEST CONTINUING MIGRATIONThe Chinese Diaspora stretches all over the world It represents the most widespread and prolonged series of migrations by one nation ever Chinese emigrants have been tycoons in Hong Kong and America, coolies in Peru and South Africa, underworld gangsters in San Francisco and Bangkok Today, whether as near slave laborers on illicit planes and freighters, or as bankers and traders from a world network of high finance, the Chinese are on the move as much as everIn this rich blend of history, biography, and travel, noted author Lynn Pan recounts why emigrants have left China how their dispersal has been shaped and stimulated by imperialist Western powers and how the all male frontier groups were transformed into complex communities organized by clan, dialect, and secret society In the process, she takes us inside the supposedly closed world of the overseas Chinese and shows how, in a curious boomerang effect, these expatriates are currently changing the supposedly eternal face of China perhaps forever A new afterword by the author comments on the ironies that result when multiculturalism and emigrant culture meet head on Fascinating insights into the Chinese diaspora especially those in Southeast Asia Many interesting stories about some of the most prominent Chinese families too Informative and a good source of reference for younger generation of Chinese wanting to know about their roots and lineage. the copyright is from 1990 1990 to 2008hmmm do you understand a whole generation of people have already lived and changed its history.