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(Free Epub) ⚛ Caspers Ghosts ó After a horrible episode over Christmas at his parents house, Avery Fletcher returns to Uni with the hope of making something of himself With the help of his friend Isabel he slowly makes it through each day, battling with his illness and his ever crumbling self esteem However, that was before he met CasperCasper is the boy who everyone talks about but not to He doesn t have friends and keeps to himself most of the time, not even working properly with others in group projects Yet, when both of these boys are together, the barriers start to crack Casper starts to come out of his shell and Avery starts to have confidence Both are left vulnerable in each other s company, but something is there between them that they don t have with anyone elseAn understanding of how to survive being brokenTheir budding friendship is challenged when Isabel becomes aggressive in her attitude towards Casper and all too soon, Avery has had enough A visit back home with Casper in tow is the catalyst for the biggest dilemma of his young life Can Casper truly be enough to anchor him into reality Or will the tidal way of emotions crash into Avery and force him to make another mistake Warnings Scenes of Graphic violence and emotionally sensitive issues, sexual imagery, violent imagery and boy on boy romance