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!Free Book ♖ The Duke's Mistress ☻ SHE FOUGHT A DUKE AND WON The unmitigated gall Jonathan Rayner, Duke of Alverly, might indeed own half the county but it didn t grant him the right to rule it with an iron fist Hilary Vane was determined to succeed in her daringly advanced plan to open a school for the young ladies of Wycombe Valley, despite the Duke s high banded objections The country lasses bad much to learn from the city bred schoolmistress as did the splendidly handsome Duke himself For much as be infuriated ber, Hilary could not help but be intrigued by the enigmatic, strangely solitary nobleman who made her heart beat a little faster every time be happened nearHE FOUGHT HIS HEART AND LOSTThe blasted luck of it The last thing his tenant farmers needed was a frippery finishing school headed by a young lady with foolish, high minded notions Still, the Duke couldn t deny that she was indeed lovely and possessed of a certain spirit and charm that were rapidly thawing his cold, lonely heart But his shameful secret prevented him from pursuing the delectable Miss Vane in a conventional manner Therefore, if taking her to wife could never be, the resourceful Duke would have to come up with an alternate scheme But either way, be reasoned, she would be his