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The book started out where the previous series ended, which led me to believe there would a new set of heroes to follow, but this was just a series of short stories about the land of Shadowmoor after the cataclysm of the previous series It was a struggle to finish, and don t even know if I will finish the second book in the series with the prospect of being disappointed. I liked the approach of introducing the new world of Shadowmoor via short stories The first story by the authors of the first two books in this series was by far the weakest, serving as a quick link and catchup with all of the main characters from the previous stories It also makes sure there is plenty of mystery to serve as the fourth and final book in this series Other than that, the stories are well written and do a good job of introducing the dark Lorwyn Shadowmoor. I was a little bit disappointed in this book I have loved every Magic book I ve read so far but this one fell short None of the stories tied into each other or the Lorwyn books, only the first story had any of the characters from Lorwyn and they only had fleeting appearances, and most if the stories just had something about them that didn t quite make sense to me I m hoping Eventide makes up for it. Apparently no one has written good books on this which sucks because i love the game Or i have yet to find any of the good books There is soo much to work with and this is what they come up with Im sorry really disapointed At least in all the books with ideas based off the game That ive read so far. This book was good over all and I am aware that Magic the Gathering is based on fights, clans, and battles but I would have liked at least one good ending to one of the short stories They were extremely depressing and with fights there is always a loosing side and a winning side so a couple of positive endings would not have been too difficult. Comes after Morningtide A bunch of short stories relating all to the storyline I loved all of them and that each one had a couple different characters 5 5 It is important to read it to read other books because it continues the storyline in the next book Some of the short stories were really interesting, others not, which I think averages out to this 3 star rating. Better than the other two previous books This is just a collection of short stories So, the idea is to show an ideathan the development of the characters Some of the stories were kind of shallow probably just trying to show the world of Shadowmoor But others touched on a bit of human creature nature too.After reading about what shadowmoor was about, I was thinking that the stories were going to begrim and sad however, it seemed to have some gloom and doom plus some hope. `DOWNLOAD EPUB ☟ Shadowmoor ✖ Unleash the Magic Established authors and exciting new writers collaborate on this anthology of Magic The Gathering stories, all set in the lush world of Lorwyn Included within its pages is a novella by well loved authors Scott McGough and Cory J Herndon As with previous Magic titles, Shadowmoor gives readers a sneak peak at what will be coming out in the next Magic The Gathering set