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I only wished there were some maps of the land. #DOWNLOAD EPUB ⚼ The Legend Of Zelda:Ocarina Of Time Perfect Guide Ë The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Get ready to master Nintendo s most epic adventure ever Versus Books has created the most in depth guide possible, complete with dozens of exclusive, full color maps We ve included Every Item, Weapon, and Heart Piece, plus allGold Skulltulas, allBig Poes, allBottles, allOcarina Songs, all the Masks, and the Biggoron Sword You ll also get tactics to defeat every enemy and boss Written by Casey Loe, author of the best selling Versus Books Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil , and Metal Gear Solid guides i like Zelda Books The kids love this but I don t Faux mythology from a video game An excellent walkthrough thorough, well crafted, and quite lovely This was a significant portion of my childhood.