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Reviewed by Kira M for TeensReadToo.comThird in the STORM series, summer for Will, Andrea, and Gaia seems normal until a group of scientists are killed in Switzerland all except for one.Forced on the run by megalomaniacs and every government agency on the planet, the man disappears off the face of the Earth in the process Using their genius intelligence, their spy training, information from the man s daughter, and high tech gadgets, Will, Andrea, and Gaia will put themselves in mortal danger in order to locate the scientist and bring him to safety.The stakes are high and no one knows who to trust Will the three succeed and survive their toughest mission yet An action packed spy adventure The plot is gripping the characters are fascinating, easy to relate to, and memorable Fans of adventure, spy fiction, and Anthony Horowitz will love reading STORM THE BLACK SPHERE. [[ Free E-pub ]] ⇴ S. T. O. R. M. - The Black Sphere (Storm) ⇕ STORM are.Will Knight 14 Inventive genius Creates cutting edge gadgets Andrew Minkel 14 Software millionaire Founder of STORM Gaia 14 Brilliant chemist with a habit of blowing stuff up.Six scientists were working on Project FIREball Now five are dead and one is missing Carrying plans for a world changing technology he is wanted by MI6, the CIA and an unidentified killer But what was the ill fated project Who wanted the scientists dead And where is David Wickett now S T O R M head to the Swiss Alps to join the high stakes manhunt on their most dangerous mission yet. This book is amazing i am at chapter 41 and elke is pointing a gun at webb and i kind of feel bad for weeb i mean his face is ripped off and burning from pepper spray but anyways this book is beeter then the first and i recommend it to everybody that likes spy novels but what i loike most about this one is that the spys are kids andhave cool gagets and stuff. 3.5 stars. Good ok This series keeps getting better Love those gadgets The evil people are really despicable in this story.