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!Download Book ♲ Arcanum Unbounded ♻ Brandon Sanderson creates worlds, and those worlds are linked His universe spans the Stormlight Archive, the Mistborn series the tales of Elantris, and others, comprising a unique constellation of vividly imagined realms known as the Cosmere.Now for the first time anywhere, stories representing each of these planets, and their fully realized and distinct magic systems, have been collected in a single spectacular volume Arcanum Unbounded The Cosmere Collection brings together tales spanning the known limits of Sanderson s universe including the never before published Edgedancer, a thrilling new novella of the Stormlight Archive along with charts, illustrations, notesand secrets The Cosmere Collection encompasses six worlds in all, explored across nine astonishing works of short fiction Sel The Hope of Elantris and The Emperor s Soul Scadrial The Eleventh Metal, Allomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania, Episodes Twenty eight Through Thirty, and Mistborn Secret History Taldain White Sand Threnody Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell First of the Sun Sixth of the Dusk and Roshar Edgedancer.These exciting tales will catapult you onto an unprecedented journey across a cosmos only Brandon Sanderson could have envisioned Arcanum Unbounded The Cosmere Collection is an indispensible volume no Sanderson fan can do without.