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Kushner s first book, Masters of Doom , is amazing, I really loved it But this one is completely different, and sub par Masters of Doom is about real hackers and game designers in the late 1980s and early 1990s doing something really innovative and fun But Prepare to Meet Thy Doom is about corporate executives, lawyers and marketers exploring boring video games The book is just a bunch of old articles about old and irrelevant games Guitar Hero and Rock Band were nice back then, but nobody cares about them these days Grand Theft Auto is an important title, but the book doesn t digs deep into it instead the many chapters articles about the game simply repeat the same superficial information over and over again Reading this book is just like browsing the 2000 s archive of Wired or IGN a lot of hype about huge game failures and not a single piece of interesting technical information This book is a good example of what the video game industry is these days boring, repetitive, derivative, annoying and profit oriented. This book is comprised of a dozen or so stories about game developers and players which have nothing to do with each other and there is no common thread linking the stories Thus, it s just a collection of blog posts or articles strung together Tell me, why would I care to read a book that throws Nolan Bushnell in with the Flappy Bird kid and a smack talking chess player I WOULDN T The Doom part of it the part described on the back cover lasted about 10 pages, a summary of Carmack and Romero in recent years which does not require personal interviews 2 stars is generous because this is crap and I ended up skipping ahead far too often with a groan. This book reads like it was written for my Grandma by an editor of late 90 s Gamepro When they largely based review scores on how much advertising dollars the publisher spent with them There s an entire chapter about how revolutionary Spore will be At the time of writing, Spore had not been released, yet the writer felt confident aka some extra cash in the pocket to declare it a masterpiece In another chapter the author exclaims that Doom 3 got best in show at E3, EVEN THOUGH IT S NOT EVEN FINISHED Yeah, that s how E3 works It s a show designed to showcase games in progress, so the fact that Doom 3 got best in show even though it s unfinished isn t really something to make a big deal out of.There s a chapter about a young chess prodigy You know, chess In a book about videogames Nerdstuff Cause you re a videogame nerd and therefore you ll like other nerdy stuff, right Then there s the inconsistencies In multiple chapters, the Hauser brothers and Rockstar games are entirely responsible for Grand Theft Auto, but in another chapter, Dave Jones is responsible Oh, and in case you didn t know, Dave Jones next game APB will be earth shatteringly good Nothing like it has ever been seen before You know, APB That game that we all play all the time The hyperbole in this book makes it impossible to take the opinions seriously though it is kind of funny to hear someone gush over these games, almost all of which were total failures Spore or just a fad Guitar Hero Hope the author has some are areas of interest, cause I can t see anyone in the game industry taking him seriously after reading this. This is a nice light collection of articles published by David Kushner about various events and games in the gaming industry Each would probably make a good book, but here they are presented as overview articles This isn t bad, but I want depth on all of these, from the article on Jack Thompson, to GTA s development and SPORE The article on SPORE was written before it was released and it reminded me how much we were all looking forward to it In a similar way to No Man s Sky which was another open world game which had big promissess about an algorithmically generated universe, it too was a colossal disappointment. This is a tough one what s in here is interesting if you re interested in the subject matter but it s basically just a collection of articles most if not all of which seem to be available on the internet to read.Further, and annoyingly, for at least one of the articles it isn t the full article I noticed when once chapter just abruptly ended The Making of The Beatles Rock Band.But, as I say, what is in here is interesting, and the audiobook is read by the always excellent Wil Wheaton, so it s probably worth an Audible credit Would agree with most of the reviews, Kushner s follow up is not at the same level as Masters of Doom perhaps not due to any fault of the author, but the nature of John Carmack and John Romero and how their story is one of grit, drive and ambition and thus their story is naturally very engrossing.Kushner s latest work is a collection of short articles essays from over the years that capture the essence of each subject matter being focussed on.Yes, not Masters of Doom caliber, however Kushner is still the Master one has no doubt. If you ve already read Masters of Doom and Jacked, this book isn t worth it.Tiny update on id Software, and 4 or 5 chapters covering what s in Jacked.The rest of the chapters had a few good nuggets of info, but since they re unrelated it s not a book you ll get sucked into.Masters of Doom is a must read.If you have to have , I d skip Jacked, and get Prepare to Meet Thy Doom but it s not on the must read list. *Free Kindle ☛ Prepare to Meet Thy Doom ☠ From Masters of Doom author, David Kushner, comes Prepare to Meet Thy Doom , a compilation of true gaming stories covering many facets of America s biggest entertainment business the video game industry In addition tothan a dozen fascinating tales of game creation, play, business, and controversy, Prepare to Meet Thy Doom follows up on Kushner s previous bestseller, Masters of Doom with a long awaited update on id Software founders John Romero and John Carmack. The narration by Wil Wheaton is amazing it is clear he understands the topic and has a passion for the world of online and gaming.The stories are interesting and provide some interesting insights into the gaming world However, it just lacked it being brought together into key themes and things to consider in respects to gaming and society.It is worth a read listen but is not the deep insight and thematic assessment I was expecting. This book is a collection of essays by the guy who wrote Masters of Doom How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture It starts off with what could be an epilogue to a new edition of that book It then proceeds through various video game stories The biggest takeaway of this book is how big fads can just as quickly disappear For example his stories about Neopets and Second Life The last chunk of the book is mostly about Rockstar it s so funny how worked up people got about their games And now, either I m just not in the same circles as the pearl clutchers, or it s just not that big a deal any I think it s finally become clear that a huge chunk of us playing games are in our 30s and 40s and should have access to any media we darn well please And when it comes to kids until there s conclusive research that it doesn t jack up kids who weren t already on that path, it s no different than parents deciding their ids can watch rated R movies As someone makes clear in the article and which no one seems to get on TV to mention during these scandals the games sell millions and like 2 5 kids murder people Clearly, it s on those kids, not the games or this would be a Purge Planet every time one of those games came out.Anyway, the essays are well written and it s a near time capsule of gaming trends in the early 2000s.