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Trapped in BangkokI've been unable to put this book down Shockingly accurate Nothing left to to the imagination This shouldn't happen in this day and age So cruel to be put through all of that Erotica with a purposeThis story tackles the subject of human trafficking The story was wellwritten and progressed at a good pace The characters could have haddevelopment Still it was a good story. AwfulI would love to tell readers this book was far fetched But in the reality of life, this is probably asinister side of traffickers The side the papers try not to be too explicit about Good read. ( Download ) ☩ Trapped in Bangkok ☭ Alice, a girl recently kidnapped from a college campus, wakes to find herself in a nightmare in a foreign country She, along with three other girls she meets in the dungeonlike facility, are forced to do things she would never consider doing, just to stay alive In another part of the training grounds, an American girl named Jenna is almost completely conditioned to obey her masters, a fate that awaits all girls who arrive there When freelance reporter Ben Hapgood gets wind of a gang possibly kidnapping and selling American girls, he has to find out if it is true, even if it means risking his life With the help of a crackerjack researcher and a rogue FBI agent, Ben travels to Bangkok to follow a tenuous lead Once there, he pretends to be a rich cattle rancher looking for a welltrained, submissive girl to buy What he finds will shock him! Can he help rescue the girls?