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!READ BOOK ☲ The Man of Her Dreams: Inspirational Viking Romance ⚕ CHRISTIAN version of My Dream Came TrueWhat if your future was the past Miranda Wellborn takes a trip of a lifetime to Norway to explore visions given her by recurring dreams Never in her life does she imagine touching a real Viking ship will send her one thousand years into the past She is soon claimed by a Viking warrior, the man from her visions But her dreams are nothing like the reality of living in a time that is not her own, and she struggles to learn how to survive until she can return homeAgnar Eiricksson hates the Danes Bent on exacting revenge against them for killing his lady wife, he forges plans to attack their shores and enslave men, women and children So why would he rather possess one spoil of war than keep her chained with the rest of the thralls When Agnar accepts the truth of where she s from, he must decide if keeping her with him is the right choice Miranda must use every ounce of self preservation to keep her heart concealed from her fierce warrior Where is her destiny meant to be Back in Florida, or will love win out and keep her with the man of her dreams EDITORIAL REVIEW The Man of Her Dreams by Leanne Burroughs is a delightful dip in the waters that bear ancient Viking ships from blood soaked beaches to life changing love From modern day Florida to the days of the formidable Norse conquerors, Burroughs introduces us to Agnar and Miranda two of the most unlikeliest lovers in any century From slave to sweetheart, Miranda is tossed into a time and world far from her own, tethered to reality by a handsome Viking that floods her nighttime dreams Agnar catches a beautiful woman in the act of harming his ship would she do any less to his life or his heart Their love might have been kindled by the prayers of many, but it ignites through to the death battles, a desperate search for lost little ones, and the binding together of two broken people God chooses to bless despite their pasts The Man of Her Dreams will have you looking for an unnasta of your own Aysel Arwen, Author