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Not much happened in this book, but for some reason it was still hellishly interesting. [[ DOWNLOAD E-PUB ]] ↮ Cover the Butter ↽ Get ready to cheer for Kate Cadogan, a forty something woman who has spent her life trying to please her husband, her son, her mother and her father without a moment s thought to her own needs Until one day when a series of events causes her to slip back in timeFor the first time Kate sees her life clearly her dreams of becoming a caterer the delicate yet combustible relationship she shares with her mother and the unflagging support of her two best friendsKate finds the courage to make a break and energized by her newfound freedom, she creates a life all her ownBuoyant and deeply moving, Cover the Butter proves that starting over has nothing to do with age and everything to do with spirit. Onvan Cover the Butter Nevisande Carrie Kabak ISBN 451218353 ISBN13 9780451218353 Dar 368 Safhe Saal e Chap 2005 This was the first book written by Kabak I was impressed with her writing style Very descriptive and real Although the toxic family, family angst, personal trials suffered by the main character, etc, really got to be a bit much for me, I stuck with the book One can t help rooting for the main character, hoping for a satisfying ending The ending was most certainly a reward for the reader, as well as for the main character. I chose this book, wandering the aisles of the library, picking it up based solely on the title Which seemed odd Liked it a lot Wow.wow Amazing This book is certainly not for everyone, but it really hit home for me..it could almost be my memoir The story is touching, sad, and funny all at once It is so full of emotion that I was barely able to detach myself from it Kate is a genuine heroine that I both related to and felt for The writing is in journal entry style and has a beautiful flow The characters are so well developed, that I really felt like i knew them.If you have ever dealt with parents you can never please, low self esteem, a bad marriage, or waking up one day and realizing your life didn t turn out as plannedthen you must read this book. I wanted to reset this because it was about a lady that recreated her life and opened a little cafe But that doesn t happen until the very end I found myself actually skimming through the book. At forty four, Kate Cadogan has finally reached her breaking point Returning from a disastrous weekend trip with her husband of twenty years, she finds her lovingly decorated home completely destroyed as the result of a party her teen son had while they were gone Kate wonders how on earth her life turned so completely sour After downing a few glasses of wine, she takes a trip down memory lane, beginning in 1965 when she was just fourteen.As she remembers each year, Kate muses on her experiences growing up in England with her controlling mother and weak father, and on life defining friendships that are her true salvation Her relationships with the opposite sex, as well as her choice of a career in teaching rather than catering were all strongly colored by her mother s influence In the end, Kate must decide whether she will take a step of faith in herself, or continue to live a life of mediocrity.This is an interesting combination of coming of age story and family saga Kate is a fascinating character It s not clear why she allowed her mother so much control over her life, but her journey through it is realistic and will touch many readers who have experienced similar situations Her life is a slippery slope of indecision and acquiescence to please others which may frustrate readers, who will want Kate to rebel and grow up much quickly than she does It is crucial to understand Kate s relationship with her mother in order to comprehend why she stays with her husband as long as she does.This is a solidly written debut novel Kabak has a strong grasp on characterization and her dialogue keeps the reader involved The first person account fits the plot perfectly and does not detract from getting to know the secondary characters Although this is a redemption type of story, Kate s path is not typical and keeps interest fresh I did find it irritating that, even after she finds strength on her own, Kate is impelled to rush into another relationship That felt forced an obligatory love story tacked on the end Regardless, Cover the Butter is a fresh and witty novel that readers will be able to relate to on many levels. I LOVED this book with its cast of characters Kate finally gets to the point where she is at the age, and something recently has happened, where she can pause and take stock of her life and how she got to where she is today She begins the story in the present time, where her son has just had his party, then goes back to Kate s growing up years, where we can really see her overbearing, manipulative mother and how Kate is treated,then back again to her current situation.This book came at a time in my life where I am ready to look deeply at my life, and so many of Kate s issues were what I have dealt with too, so this book spoke to me a lot I think almost every woman whose kids are grown and are wondering what to do next and or take stock of their life will really enjoy this book I wish I had bought this instead of gotten it from the library because there were a few things I wanted to underline and re read.The only thing that brought it down a half star for me was the way the author writes conversations sometimes I ll get to reading something with no quotation marks, then have to go back because I realize it was a conversation, not just Kate thinking in her head I don t know what this style of writing is called where sometimes quotation marks are used to indicate someone saying something, and the other times leaving them out but I m not a fan But the story is wonderful As an audio book, the reader s voice was so annoying at first that I did not think I would make it to the end I m glad I got over that and was really able to enjoy the story and characters The book was not what I thought it would be after reading the jacket description About 3 4 of the book is a retelling of Kate Cadogan s life that explains how she got to the opening scene in the story where she is fed up with where she is at in her life and marriage and is at a decision point Poor Kate has one of the worst mother s I ve encountered in quite some time The story is set in Wales where Kate grows up in the 1960 s Kate s mother dominates both daughter and husband relying on her constant Catholic moralizing and verbally abuses everyone into submission We follow Kate through several romances gone wrong, including her marriage to a man with some odd notions The name of this book comes from a scene in the book that repeats throughout as both parents light up their cigarettes at the table after meals, Kate s mother, Biddy, demands that the butter be covered, convinced that the cigarette smoke will ruin it Ironically there is never any concern for the people exposed to the cigarettes or the harsh words to come Generally what follows is Biddy reprimanding either Kate or her husband for their latest perceived deficiencies It s a wonder that Kate grows into the person she ultimately becomes.