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Stuff we know but simplified and given tangible examples Style is dispassionate and direct Exactly what s needed around this subject in my opinion An insightful approach on combining the power of free with technology to capture an audience where one on one relationships are built as a means of converting mere onlookers into paying super fans of your product or service. Curve A comprehensive and easily understandable projection of an increasingly digital world It s a really exciting idea of how the markets are changing, one which will have to be adapted in some form or another Embracing free to create super fans This book gives lot of insights on why would someone give you digital content at free of cost It gives the answer to How to make money with freemium model in digital economy This books discusses how we can accelerate along the curve from being Internet strangers to curious watchers to followers to super fans And then the thrill of being super creatives Humanity needs to come alive, unlock the brilliance, find the answers we are dying without And really live. A thoughtful and innovative take on how to make money with content in the changing market enabled by the Internet. &READ PDF ☘ The Curve: Turning Followers into Superfans ↝ The Curve is a new way of doing business and of seeing the worldIn the digital age everyone struggles to answer one question how do I get people to pay when so much is free The answer is the CurveWhatever business or creative field you are in, Nicholas Lovell s startling book encourages you to embrace giving some things away for free By stimulating interest and cultivating communities, you ll build relationships with your audience and your fans, who ll want of what they loveWith stories ranging from musicians and artists to gaming and flour companies, from Kickstarter to Angry Birds, The Curve shows how to connect with people and make them happy to pay up for the very best you can offerA neatly forged, comprehensive model any business can lucratively exploit ObserverAn astute and perceptive guide to the new rules for making money in a radically disrupted internet economy This book deserves to be a hit David Rowan, editor, WIRED cover ofWAYS TO MAKE MONEY IN A FREE WORLD With text below reading FREE EBOOK AVAILABLE NOWNicholas Lovell is an author and consultant who helps companies embrace the transformative power of the internet His blog, GAMESbrief, is read by those seeking to learn how digital is transforming gaming and how to apply that knowledge to other industries His clients have included Firefly, nDreams and Square Enix creators of Tomb Raider , as well as Channeland IPC Media His articles have appeared in TechCrunch, Wired, and the Wall Street Journal He lives in London nicholaslovellnicholaslovell This is an important book for anyone in business As industries change, this thinking is the way to take advantage Musicians, artists or anyone creating something NEED to read this.