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This is the first book by Jordan I absolutely hated For a short read, I sure as hell have a lot of issues with it I realize that with shorter writing forms, certain things have to happen quicker than usually, but I m sorry, that amount of attraction cannot happen after just a quick glance Just as Kendra enters Sebastian s office, poof they are already completely turned on Yeah, sure Second, this was very reminiscent of Fifty Shades and I didn t appreciate that The hero is into bdsm, okay But the heroine is in way over her head We especially see that in the apartment scene They ve just met, Kendra has body issues, she s not sure whether to trust Sebastian or not He pushes her, grabs her by the neck and says he doesn t fuck ugly women Don t get me wrong, I am completely fine with bdsm, but there s that little thing about TWO CONSENTING ADULTS that is CRUCIAL in those scenarios Otherwise, the sex could be considered something else, worse When Sebastian asks if Kendra trusts him, she s already naked and the act has begun, so it could be difficult to turn him down, since she doesn t know how he ll react Finally, he throws her out under the guise of their sex being a mistake Yeah, not buying that for a second Also, did Sebastian have to be a walking stereotype of a Spanish man Si, se orita, tequila, paella, cantina etc gave no depth to his character whatsoever Enough said I will keep reading Jordan s work because I liked all her other books I read, and I ll try to forget this particular one. Oh my, the rush This was a HOTT read Like melt your panties hot There even may have been a bit of fire I like this one I actually teared up at the end I have to know what happens Does he really kick her out Does he apologize I mean there is so much to know I d give it stars if I could.. Quick read was all it really was for meGot my interest but was then cut shortWas hoping for something More story or background to get me into the series Great The book was amazing, I do wish the beginning showed a little detail on why and how Kendra decided to intern for Sebastian I wish that Kendra had details to her background, I feel a connection needed to be formed to be able for me to truly and fully connect with her at the end The only thing we really know about her is that she is insecure about her body and is perusing a career in designing buildings I also noticed that on their date Kendra asked Sebastian how he knew how to dance like that but from what I understood from when they were dancing Kendra knew a little but of what was going on and knew how to dance a little bit, you could have wrote a little bit about how she knew how to keep tempo or something But overall the book was a very good dark alone sexy warm book to read I hope I get the rest of the series so I can see what happens to Kendra and her relationship with Sebastian. The book is interesting and entice the reader to learn with every turn of each steamy page.I would recommend this book to anyone who has an imagination The writer is very descriptive and portrays the story like no other being the character emotions to life. A Quick,Hot, ExperienceA great book about someone ready to open herself up to all new career experiences, but also opens herself in so many other exciting, erotic ways But he seems to have had second thoughts after an earth moving experience for both of them Can t wait to read the rest of the series. Wowsa What a hot read Exactly what I needed to warm up tonight Honestly, this is likely 50 times better than 50 shades sexy Latin accent accompanied by sexy Latin man with the right amount of kink to pull it off Can t wait for the next one *Free Kindle ✒ Rush ↱ Here is the first book in the Rush Series, a seriously hot and provocative romance by Lucia Jordan, written in her signature style of high passion with searing depictions of sex and emotion.Kendra is a bundle of nerves when she walks into the office of Sebastian Montoya To say his reputation proceeds him is be a gross understatement Immediately she sees that the larger than life architect has an even bigger ego The mystery that surrounds him is hypnotizing There is just something about him that draws her in He oozes sexuality and his lilting Spanish accent makes her insides flutter But as she learns, architecture isn t his only talent A hot and steamy night at work leads to farthan she could ever expect But does Kendra have what it takes to deal with the pressures that come with her day job while allowing Sebastian to handle her at night This ebook contains very hot and explicit descriptions of romantic activity Only mature readers should download this book. Well written I enjoy reading it and can t wait to start book 2I enjoyed the storyline and will recommend this book to friends a little detail about their surroundings would have helped set the when she was pushed up against the glass where were they Holy Hell I m not normally a BD fan, but may I repeat, holy hell This was steamy hot The erotic sensuality of the characters and the situation, and the mercurial changes lead me wonder what lies ahead Flawed or not, this man is hot and what he doeswell