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@Free Pdf ⚡ Pills and Pacifiers: An Age-Play Medical Fantasy ë This book is intended for adults only Ellie is a private investigator who s been hired to spy on Dr William Baker She takes a job in his office in order to collect information about his new, controversial research project At first, she can t believe what he has planned Dr Baker has developed a treatment which will be very popular among a certain clientele of wealthy men As she tries to leave his office, Dr Baker realizes that Ellie is a spy So before she knows it, Ellie finds herself restrained in a hospital bed and under his care Because he has some very powerful contacts, he has no problem forging the documents to have Ellie admitted to his clinic, under his custody From this point forward, Dr Baker has the legal right to perform any procedure or administer any medication which he sees fit Because he has Ellie, Dr Baker decides to conduct a little experiment Up to this point, he s only had statistical models to work with, but now he can use his special combination of behavioral therapy and chemical modification on Ellie herself With the assistance of his nurse, Lindsay, Dr Baker begins to treating Ellie Although she might be a reluctant patient, that doesn t stop her treatment When she refuses to take her pills, she gets an enema and suppositories instead After she tries to keep her doctor from giving her a shot, he makes sure she is strapped into her hospital bed From straightjackets to braces and pills to pacifiers, Ellie is subjected to one experiment after another And after each treatment, Ellie experiences some very vivid dreams In each one, she is diapered and completely subservient In her dreams, she is subjugated as a secretary, as a plaything, as a schoolgirl And each time she wakes up again, she can feel her resolve weaken In time, Dr Baker will prove his treatments work by turning Ellie into an obedient little wife Pills and Pacifiers is a , word story about one young woman who receives a very special treatment which reduces her stress by taking away her adulthood and independence Really good med play with diaper humiliation. Nothing too remarkable It was o.k. Awesome medplay.