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FREE EBOOK ß Abuse of Power - Revenge of the Karinovs ⚾ In the bad old days when the Soviets ruled Mordavia, Dimitri Karinov was framed by his jealous young lover, Anastasia, and publicly flogged his Uncle Yuri being forced to yield the blows It was a very big mistake on the part of Anastasia Kovalenka, who was the daughter of the soon to be overthrown KGB overlordAn even bigger mistake was returning to Mordavia seven years later with her billionaire husband Yuri is now chief of police, and the man who is the real power in the newly independent country He wants revenge, and Yuri is rarely disappointed when it comes to such things Entrapment leads to blackmail then to hideous torture and sexual abuse The revenge of the Karinovs is brutal indeed Warning This book contains explicit content and is suitable for readersand abovePlease note this ebook is a modified version of Jack Brighton s Revenge of the Vorinovs with the author s kind permission Revenge is not always pretty nor served cold