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Amazing book on origami Not the best book for beginners or intermediates for doing origami, but the VERY best book I have seen about the theory of how the folding actually achieves things like crabs from a single sheet of paper with no cuts The front section is history and theory and a bit hard The remaining part is how to do some amazing origami, but most of it is too hard for me. Five stars for an origami book Absolutely, when it begins with 85 pages of theory, math and history before you make a single fold Great book, with some fun and interesting models toward the back. A great origami book with great models The introduction also gives an awesome explination of the history of Origami, and the ideas behind it That octopus origami model you always see drawn in a million different books Yeah, it shows how to make it in this one Get the book. Absolutely amazing book The models are spectacular and fun to fold, and the introduction covers a lot of great ground regarding creativity and pattern formation in nature. {READ DOWNLOAD} Ø Origami from Angelfish to Zen ⚾ Brief history, basic techniques, and step by step instructions forprojects hummingbird, giraffe, butterfly, kangaroo,