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I wanted to like this bookthan I did I understand the genre and the author's journey of selfdiscovery The fact that she remade herself, married late, face possible cancer w her almost husband, bought a farm loved animals beyond reason, seems a beguiling recipe Regrettably, I found it slow. [[ Read ]] ⇱ Fifty Acres and a Poodle: A Story of Love, Livestock, and Finding Myself on a Farm ⇴ Jeanne Marie Laskas had a dream of fleeing her otherwise happy urban life for fresh air and open space — a dream she would discover was about something than that But she never expected her fantasy to come true — until a summer afternoon’s drive in the countryThat’s when she and her boyfriend, Alex — owner of Marley the poodle — stumble upon the place she thought existed only in her dreams This prettyasapicturepostcard farm with an Amish barn, a chestnut grove, and breathtaking vistas is realand for sale And it’s where she knows her future beginsBut buying a postcard — fifty acres of scenery — and living on it are two entirely different matters With wit and wisdom, Laskas chronicles the heartwarming and heartbreaking stories of the colorful two and fourlegged creatures she encounters on Sweetwater FarmAgainst a backdrop of brambles, a satellite dish, and sheep, she tells a tender, touching, and hilarious tale about life, love, and the unexpected complications of having your dream come true I loved it! It started out with repetitious statements and a little slow so I thought I might not like it I just finished it last night and I can honestly say, I loved it It made me laugh out loud (my husband kept asking me what's so funny? but somehow the humor gets lost in translation The characters in this book are so well written that at times I can picture them as my neighbors I want Billy as a neighbor! LOL I won't describe the book as the back cover does that well enoughI will only say it made me laugh out loud as well as cry, and that's a rarity in books these days If you love reading about people falling in love with and moving to the country, only to realize they've gotten in over their heads, you'll love it. Jeanne Marie Laskas, writer, and citydweller, caught the farm bug as she approached her 40s She had no practical farming experience, but the idea of a beautiful view in the country, where she could get back in touch with herself and drop all of the filters she’d been forced to acquire as a result of living in the city, suddenly became irresistible She and her significant other (Alex) found themselves farmshopping almost every weekend They found the perfect place about 45 minutes outside of Pittsburgh and almost didn’t get it When they did, the actuality of suddenly being responsible for 50 acres was kind of overwhelming There were farming “lessons” to learn, and personal adjustments that needed to be learned before Jeanne and Alex were truly comfortable Their neighbors, however, and other local farmers were really supportive and eager to see them make a go of their farm purchase When this ends, they have only just decided what kind of farming they’ll do/what kind of farmers they’ll be (sheep, goats, etc.) It’s all about accumulating animals! Jeanne Laskas is a pleasure to read – she’s funny, insightful, and tells a fantastic story Plus, you have to appreciate a farm poodle Really I hope their farm is a success. Just read it She has a gift with language that's a pleasure to read, expresses things that a lot of us feel, and, wellhas a poodle. Why are there no stars at the top of this review? If there were stars, I would give this endearing book five stars (Can I give it six or seven?) I laughed out loud many times, and within the same book found myself sobbing for ten minutes straight I have read Jeanne Marie Laskas's column over the past few years, and I picked up this book not making the connection between author and columnist The memoir focuses on her decision to move from the South Side of Pittsburgh to a 50acre farm in Washington County As a country girl at heart, I found myself transported back to that lifestyle a lifestyle that seems relaxed and simple (and by simple I don't mean easy) on the surface but is filled with its own turmoils and heartaches I have known the Joe Crowleys and the Billys and the Toms and the Georges My grandmother lives on a red dog road, and I would rather go for a walk on a dirt road than get a massage any day Someday I hope to do what Laskas has done and abandon my current suburban life to return to the middle of nowhere which is the center of everywhere for me. I had this book on my TBR pile for the last couple of years and I don't know why I had been putting off reading it I guess the time was just right and I pulled it out and read it this weekend finishing the last 25 pages on the patio this evening Jeanne Laskas was/is writer in Pittsburgh where she lived on the South Side with her cat, Bob and her dog, Betty She had a perfectly happy life, with a little garden, friends (aka The Babes) she enjoyed and an interesting writing job But she had always dreamed of having a farm Still when she and her psychologist boyfriend, Alex, go out for a drive one fall afternoon they really didn't intend to buy the 50acre farm an hour south of Pittsburgh But that's what happened This book chronicles their first year as farm owners and the characters (animal and human) they encounter The poodle in the title refers to Alex's dog, Marley (a standard poodle, not the yappy kind) This was a simply delightful book! I laughed and I cried It was all I could do not to double my 15 minute break this afternoon to finish it but I am glad I didn't as that last part was one where I ended up having tears streaming down my face and at one point I could no longer see the pages I have Laskas' sequel, The Exact Same Moon, Fifty Acres and a Family and I just may have to read that next I imagine I will end up getting her third book about her raising her two adopted girls from China as I just can't get enough of Jeanne, Alex and their adventures at Sweetwater Farm. Just finished this book in two days straight Its that good, its that easy to read and its that fun I loved it Its the story of a city girl who buys a farm and stumbles all over herself trying to learn to love her man, live the rural life and face the hard facts of life Totally hilarious, touching, resonating and well written I tend to think of myself as a person who gets annoyed with stream of consciousness/ rambly style writing but, this author somehow did it in a way that made my brain ZING!!! on and stay riveted Maybe she has the same pinball style brain patterns or maybe she's just really a clever writer Whatever it is, she's lovely I would have thought that the city mouse role would be hard for me to relate to as well but, somehow she makes it vibrate with incredibly sympathetic energy I felt all the emotions she rode and could relate to, care about and connect to her, despite our actual real life polar positions Such a fun read Jolly, all round I wish I could read it for the first time again And wownothing like a book like this to make all my I'mdreamingofbuyinganoldfarm lights go on all at once And a few bells and whistles to boot. I'm on page 100ish Her writing style is distractingly glib and with a repetitious cadenc, humor sometimes funny sometimes just looking down her nose too much, but the underlying story is a good one Being a pet lover, I liked the descriptions of the contribution in their lives of the poodle and her cat Bob and Betty her hyper dog Corny but good stuff! I finished it on saturday After about page 180 I liked it a lotbecause she turned a corner and became friends with the locals, those relationships gave the bookdepth and I found myself staying up to readand laughing out loud Nice postlude, like the trailer on a movie Liked the comparison of the 2D postcard image of living in the country vs the real live 3D reality version. It's impossible not to like Jeanne Laskas she's very personable and funny, and reading this book transported me into her lifeso than most memoirs I've read Although growing up in Pittsburgh, I suppose I wasable to see the farm she so vividly described I'm looking forward to reading the sequel, The Exact Same Moon: Fifty Acres and a Family.