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To no purpose but the indulgence of a single kink Insufficiently.Even if you enjoy the premise, I can t see how so insubstantial a vignette can satisfy you it s all set up and no development.If you do not enjoy the premise stay away. @Download Ò A Pointless Existence ã Short story of a guy who is imprisoned naked for life, for no reason other than to amuse his captor Pretty messed up and definitely creepy because it plays off the fears of danger hiding among normalcy A dark capture tale with little hope The main character is resigned I d have a plan then again, I always have an exit strategy one s just got to have the balls to go all in Which I d take in a heartbeat over wallowing There are things worse than death. Gosh Interesting Creepy as hell Frightening that real versions of this are happening all over the world, right now I fear the ones who get free must be the minority. You have done nothing wrong, nothing to deserve this I just want to own another man I want to keep you as my prisoner for the rest of your life Just because I can This is haaaaaaalp I was screaming for help Now I m going to stroll the neighborhood where I live peeping in basement windows Armed Shit. Short, but brutal I won t say it s a story I enjoyed, but it made me think, and it made me care in a very short span of time Really powerfully written in a sparse and haunting sort of way This is a story that will stay with me for awhile Really well done.