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#READ DOWNLOAD ⚞ Canon EOS 70D ⚤ The successor to Canon s popular, now three year old EOS D prosumer DSLR, the Canon D is a powerful camera intended for advanced amateurs to professionals who want to jump into photography with the control and capabilities of a DSLR but without the high price There s the manual, of course, as well as competing books, and while they all explain, often inpages, what the camera can do, none of them shows exactly how to use the camera to create great images This book has one goal to teach Canon EOS D owners how to make great shots using their camera Starting with the top ten things you need to know about the D charging your battery, setting your ISO, reviewing your photos, and professional photographer and author Nicole S Young then carefully guides you through the modes of the camera, offering practical advice on choosing your settings, expert shooting tips, and end of chapter challenges to get you up and running with your D The D is slated for availability in late SeptemberFeatures includeMegapixel CMOS sensor ISO, expandable to , for shooting from bright to dim light Apoint all cross type autofocus system Aframes per second continuous shooting capability In camera features like HDR, HDR Backlight Control, Multiple Exposure, Handheld Night Scene, and Creative Filters Ainch Clear View LCD monitor And much