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!READ DOWNLOAD ♅ Appetite ♗ Chapter One My right nipple stands at attention In my stupor I feel myself trace my fingers over my barely there breast, stopping just shy of my left nipple, now erect and saluting me I hack through cobwebbed lungs Cotton mouth Damn Capri ciggies I force my eyelids open a thunderous Biz Markie bass line pounding between my ears had been holding my thoughts captive I squint through the blurs in the distance Dangling from the edge of the leather lounger across the room, the middle hook on a lace bra catches a ray from the sunlight pouring through, drowning out the bay window It flickers Slowly I reach beneath the damp sheet and touch my bare breast again, confirming that it is, indeed, my bra Shit Realizing that the jigsaw puzzle that is last night is missing a few key pieces, I whip my achy nakedness around to the crescendo of a bellowing snore Yikes A strange man is stretched out on the floor beside me entwined in half my sheet clearly one of the puzzle pieces misplaced somewhere between the first Bacardi Mojito and last call s obligatory double shot of Patron Triple shit Immediately, I snatch the other half of the sheet away from him to shield myself from what, exactly, I dunno I am totally stuck as I watch him roll a tumble and a half toward me naked and tanned very nicely tanned He slowly shifts his body, his muscles flex, and I feel my mouth drop as he adjusts himself It is beyond evident that at least one part of his randy body is already wide awake Wow I sigh My thoughts begin to race I try to rewind my mind while blinking away the foggy film on my contacts With each clarifying blink, Stranger clears into focus and before I can catch myself I reach toward his thick blond hair and nudge it away from his temples He stops in mid snore I m staring under his arched man brows, willing his eyes to stay shut, when I sneak a peek at his round ass and strong long defined legs Six foot three, I guesstimate, and I finally remember to breathe The last thing I can recall is toasting with my girls at Marquee and my BFF Hannah ordering me to throw it back, and right along with my head went the evil that was my fourth Patron shot Now I m in hangover hell without the slightest idea of who this wildly arousing hottie is stretched out on my parquet floor I can t seem to help myself so, while clutching the sheet to my neck as if it were Grandma s heirloom pearls, I lightly touch his shoulder and decide that he is, in fact, real I touch him again and images flicker before me and I m breathlessly, carelessly being carried to my couch between sloppy, deeply sensual, kisses I blink hard A moan slips from between my lips and the back of my neck stings from a power surge of sexy Hey there, Stranger mumbles raspily through a sly smile He reaches out to comfortably settle his hand on my inner thigh and squeeze softly Coffee he casually inquires as he blinks his way into morning Dumbfounded, I scoot away, sliding on the floor and riding the sheet, continuing to shake my head in disbelief Who are you How did you get here I practice asking, still unable to spit the questions out Another image flickers before me my legs stretched over his shoulders deep penetration moments of ecstasy accentuated by heavy breathing and textured moans