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This is one of my favourite books from Sophie Kinsella I don't think anything could ever beat the outrageously funny Shopaholic series but this is a close second It's funny, mysterious, endearing, romantic and actually inspiring. Sophie Kinsella is a guilty pleasure of mine This book made for a fun and much needed escape for me today. It took me a while to get into “Twenties Girl”, but once I did… I was all the way in! Having a second heroine made the plotcomplex than most of the meetcute, happilyeverafter I have come to like from Sophie Kinsella – but I found myself loving Aunt Sadie For a ghost, she’s just brimming with life!I don't think the publisher’s summary does the book justice It's not so much about a search for a necklace as it is about a career girl, recovering from a break up, who strikes up an unlikely friendship and gets a fresh perspective from an outsider on her own life It's fun to see Lara grow and learn from this perspective, but the best part, as always with Kinsella, is the humor What would you do if you have a friend who has special abilities? Perform bar tricks, spy on your exboyfriend, find out what goes on in business meetings behind closed doors…awesome!This one requires a complete suspension of disbelief, even without the presence of the ghost But it's always fun to see how masterfully the plot lines are wrapped up Lara really develops a believable relationship with her Aunt Sadie and the story line involves mystery, romance, and above all, family values I was happy to read about supportive parents as I found them very familiar, and the charm of this story was just a total joy I’m so glad I picked up this book, it was such a welcome surprise A bit different from Sophie Kinsella’s usual formula, but it has her usual brand of endearing characters and humor This is something I’ll revisit again and again! When you land the right one, chicklits can be so much fun!I know I claim to hate most of Kinsella's frivolous protagonists *cough cough Becky* but I can't deny that I've had an amazing time reading her books So my expectations going into this book were mindless hilarity and a half annoyinghalf entertaining heroine But Lara and Sadie were just soooo epic! The camaraderie between these two twenties girls was everything Page after page, they gave me belly aching laughs and such a warm feeling And surprisingly, I enjoyed both the love stories even if the main focus wasn't on romance The mystery of Sadie's past was pretty intriguing too The character development was unbelievable considering it's a 100 year old ghost (and given that Kinsella's heroines are not particularly famous for this) Even Lara toughened up and stopped letting people walk over her The way these two girls brought out the best in each other was a delight to read I'd recommend this book to pretty much anyone looking for a good time. 3.5 starsIt was fun! I really enjoyed this book I liked Sadie’s fierce and oppressive character and the comic situations made me laugh Although some scenes were extremely embarrassing: Sadie forced Lara to do things nobody would do unless threatened lethally.Anyway, Lara needs a development: at the beginning of the story, she is a naive, selfdeluded, obsessional, sometimes infantile young woman, with a serious “allergy” to her own family, and without real friends But she has a strong sense of justice, she is persistent, kind, honest, and true to her principles, even if they look idealistic By the end of the novel, she learns a lot about life, love, friendship, family, people surrounding her, and of course about herself The story isa comingofage novel in chicklit style than a romance The plot is slow in the first half of the story, but the mystery of the dragonflynecklace and the lifestory of Sadie are really interesting, and smartly developed Kinsella’s humor is very entertaining, so I really recommend this book! My favorite quotes. Lara Lington thinks of herself as a fairly hip twenties girl, living in the 21st century But the last thing she expects at her Great Aunt Sadie’s funeral is for Sadie herself to appear and demand for the whole thing to be stopped Lara thinks she’s going mad: how on Earth can she hear and see a dead person? It turns out Great Aunt Sadie is actually a ghost and a ghost with a mission: to track down her missing Dragonfly necklace Sadie eventually manages to convince Lara to help look for the necklace Can they find it, and can Sadie ever rest in peace?I received Twenties Girl way back in July just before it was released but never thought of picking it up until now because I was worried I wouldn’t like it I am in no way inclined to read a ghost story and I’ve never wanted to before I also wondered exactly how it would work writing a ghost story, would it be a real ghost story or a magicaltype ghost story in the vein of Alexandra Potter? I can thankfully reveal that it is a fantastic ghost story with a hint of magic that really sells it.Twenties Girl really is an outstanding read It took me a few pages to get into it and I was worried I wasn’t enoying it, when up popped Sadie and I was glued to the book from then on in I thought the plot of the missing necklace was well thought out and I enjoyed Lara and Sadie’s search for the aforementioned necklace I would love to see the Dragonfly necklace in real life, I have to say, as it sounds really beautiful.The whole story is narrated by Lara and is greatly enjoyable, particularly when Sadie comes into the picture and Lara wonders if she’s going bonkers Not only does Lara have to contend with an attimesannoying ghost, but her best friend (and business partner) has done a bunk and her boyfriend has just dumped her, so you can see why she thinks she’s going mad; the scene in the funeral parlour where Sadie first appears was beyond hilarious I thought Lara was a lovely character and I enjoyed her interaction with Sadie I also thought it was hilarious when Lara decided to spy of her exboyfriend Josh and she bugged his table – that had me laughing out loud Lara was funny, likeable, and yes, she probably was a bit bonkers, but I loved her regardless.For me, the real star of the show, though, was Sadie I thought Sadie was a fabulous character – outgoing, talkative but also incredibly nice and rather prone to teenage strops I enjoyed unravelling the story of Sadie’s life and finding out exactly why the Dragonfly necklace was so precious to her I didn’t find Sadie’s constant chanting when she wanted attention annoying, I merely found it endearing and, also, quite amusing She told a great tale about her life and growing up in the Twenties I thought Sophie Kinsella described the 1920’s fabulously I could imagine the dresses Sophie described, and the music playing throughout, and I enjoyed learning the 1920’s slang, it all added to the charm of the book and I really couldn’t put it down.I loved everything about the book and once Sadie made her appearance I couldn’t put the book down There are a few other characters in the book, Ed Harrison being a favourite of mine I loved how he went along with Lara when she asked him on a date (spurred on by Sadie, of course) and thought Ed made a fantastic male character I also liked Lara’s family, the Lingtons, and was so so pleased Uncle Bill got his comeuppance The story really takes a turn halfway through the book and I wanted to race to finish it to find out if all would come well in the end.I have got to say that the ending gave me tears in my eyes I knew it was going to happen All through the book I just knew how it was going to end and I still didn’t expect it at all I didn’t want to leave Sadie and Lara’s world and you have no idea how sad I was to leave it! This really was an outstanding book – making me laugh, making me cry and giving me an unputdownable read A truly outstanding novel from Sophie Kinsella, her best to date and truly one of the best books of the year. I loved this book.At first I thought that this is going to be just another Sophie Kinsella book, full of chicklit drama, but it sort of surprised me There are several Sophie Kinsella trademarks I have noticed in this book:1 Lara Lington The heroines in the her books look like they're always helpless at first, they have this problems in their works and in their relationships But then at the end, these heroines will be very lucky and make a breakthrough in their careers and they would discover the thing their really good at.2 The leading man, Ed I like Sophie Kinsella's leading men.They have this mysterious air around them and they are very sweet.3 Evil sister, cousin, uncle In this book, Lara has an evil sister and uncle who seems to be really mean and would do things to make Lara feel as if she's like a poor Cinderella 4.FUNNY! Yeah! i think most of Kinsella's books are really witty! there are lots of situations in this book where Lara made embarrassing actions I most of the time, am surprised to hear myself laughing so loud.ROFL! &READ E-PUB ⇭ Twenties Girl ⇪ La vie de Lara,ans, part en cacahouète : un fiancé qui la plaque, une entreprise au bord de la faillite, des factures qui s'accumulent Et cerise sur le gâteau : sa meilleure amie l'a lâchée pour partir vivre en Inde ! Bref, Lara n'a ni le temps ni la patience de s'occuper de cette mystérieuse jeune fille qui semble tout droit sortie des années vingt Et pourtant, la voilà embarquée dans une chasse au trésor pour le moins rocambolesque I really, really loved this one! It was overthetop in an absolutely perfect, hilarious way that made reading it so much fun I was cheering for Lara the whole time and I loved her interactions with Sadie ALSO ED HARRISON 3 3 3 Sophie Kinsella's books are comfort reading for me But despite the fact I have a good time reading them, I had some reservations about this one because the story line involves a ghost However, even though that aspect is a bit of a departure from her previous books, this one still had the fun and charming elements I have come to expect in her novels.Lara Lington is attending the funeral for her great aunt Sadie who she hardly knew, when a much younger Sadie appears in ghost form Lara is the only one who can see her, and Sadie demands Lara help find a necklace that is dear to her so she will be able to rest in peace While the pair don't seem to have much in common, they might just learn something from one another.Even though the story was a bit out there, I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked it Lara was an easy character to root for as she's having a hard time getting over a breakup and the business she started with a friend is in serious trouble of folding Sadie had a lot of spirit and it was fun watching the two interact While there are definitely some crazy moments, everything just comes together really well Definitely recommend if you have enjoyed Sophie Kinsella's other books.