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One of the best short stories I've read Thanks to the author Initially I had no idea what difference these stories are gonna make After each story it ripped my heart out I never heard of these great humans before and I felt ashamed of it On the other hand it was proud knowing em Loved Dr K, and Somervell Their magnanimous and idealism really moved me A complete book !! *True joy blossoms only due to virtue;all else cause unhappiness and disrepute Thiruvalluvar Title of book this Aram which means Virtue A collection of 12 short stories based on the people who lived truthful life on their own way All the stories concentrate on the core point Virtue or Righteousness, the meaning of human life It simply shatters the soul, penetrates through the thoughts there by changing the perspective of looking human life The indestructible impact of this book and its personalities would haunt my life forever with my wet eyelids One of the greatest books I've ever read and I'm grateful to the author for that. In a book if one story becomes a lesson I would generally rate it high, if most of the characters in each story shows a lesson I dont know how to rate it and how to review it This book is not collection of life stories but collection of great life lessons.A story that took half an hour to read took me 2 3 hours to digest Already have spent some sleepless hours at night because of this book I am sure I am going to have much .I take great praide having read this book.Even in case u cant buy the book read it @ @sathis and jayakumar for praising and inducing me to read itReally thankful to @shakiel for lending it Just a word of caution, it might require complete concentration to understand the stories so be prepared Yaanai Doctor, Sottrukanaku are the best Nellai slang is bit difficult to read in initial but later it will be enjoyable to read in that slang. Yaanai Doctor !!! It made me to think a lot about the human life as well as wild life..How creatures are created with enormous amount of pain tolerating skills..Now a days I started to feel the pain of street dogs with wounds..Really a man is a Vain insect. 9 of 10 voracious tamil readers have recommended Aram to me before I took this wonderful piece on hand. these are not fancies, fantasies, not nail bitting ones either but the stories that we live in everyday Stories that we cross by but tend to forget as it goes and easily ignore This doesn't take any sides but would eventually leave the reader think through it pretty well Aram, in my view, is much an educating stuff that deserves a case study on our high school.Ps I'm not initially able to follow the Southern accent but easily caught up with the travel. Deep thoughts about moralityEvery human would have experienced in their lives a moral conflict with their own inner self Making mistakes, regretting it, an inner conflict before commiting any mistake Such things are portrayed in a great manner in this book This book will definitely question your conscience in many things, morality, caste, gender bias etc., The success of the author lies in the change of the readers' mindset I believe that everyone who reads this book will definitely have a change in their views. *Ebook ⇔ அறம் ⇨ Popular Book, அறம் author Jeyamohan This is very good and becomes the main topic to read, the readers are very takjup and always take inspiration from the contents of the book அறம், essay by Jeyamohan Is now on our website and you can download it by register what are you waiting for? Please read and make a refission for you Well written.. அறம் செய்ய விரும்பு is what we have been taught since our kindergarten Virtues(Aram) and values have been even taught to us through Aesop's fables with examples of animals These stories and proverbs fades away as we grow up as adults, how much are we willing to follow the virtues in our real life? Aram from Jeyamohan rekindles our spirit showing how virtues and values are so important in our life And he doesn't teach you these forcefully but by taking us through the life of some incredible human beings who have lived among us, and the beauty is he makes sure that you're consuming these virtues without your consciousness.Before even completing this book, I had already written a review on yaanai doctor separately It was so overwhelming that I read it to my wife again The book shows how humble, empathetic and earnest a human can be to himself, others and most importantly to nature and animals by showing us various incidents in the life of Dr.K.I can go on and on writing about the various scenes in different stories which still resonates in my heart But this novel has to be read not just that you learn something out of it but to know about some of the humans who made this world better by their deeds.Dr K, Aanaikaruthaan, Nesamony, Kethel Saheb, Somerwell, Poomedai and Gary Davis will not just stick to your heart as mere characters that you normally read in a novel, but as virtues for the values they believed and stood for.Note: I've given a rating as four since I had difficulty in understanding the core of two or three of the short stories coz of the colloquial slang native to different communities and caste.