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I m getting really annoyed with this series at this point.The main cast at this point is 98% female all the time and full of fan service.It s super annoying.My library has a couplevolumes and I m probably dropping this series after that. Decent plot and pace I continue to enjoy the story and the art work My first few reviews and last review of a series when I get to the last one are the best judge for the series I find it hard to write reviews when binge reading a manga series without repeating myself. (Read Ebook) ½ A Certain Scientific Railgun, Vol. 9 â STRANGE BEDFELLOWSWhile searching for answers and her missing Sister, Misaka finds herself facing a new ruthless enemy who takes her mother and Uihara as hostages But when this new foe accuses Misaka of crimes she never committed, Misaka is left wondering exactly who she s fighting and why At least Kuroko and Saten are willing to help, despite their impaired memories but even that isn t enough to get to the bottom of this mystery Misaka may have to turn to a very unlikely ally for help