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|FREE DOWNLOAD ♠ Superior Vocal Health ♐ Whether You Are A Professional Singer, Speaker, Teacher, Lawyer, DJ, Clergy, Auctioneer, Tour Guide, Or Sales Person Caring For Your Voice Is THE MOST IMPORTANT Thing You Can Do In Your LifeThis Book Is Your Complete And One Stop Guide To Take Care Of Your Voice Naturally Without Chemicals Or Drugs What You Can Expect From This Book Comprehensive A Z List Of Healing Herbs For The Voice Professional What Herbs To Use When And How To Prepare Each Herb For Use Specific Formulas For Specific Vocal Issues Such As Tired And Over Used Voice, Mucus, Sinus Congestion, Sore Throat And What Drugs Negatively Affect The Voice And Natural Alternatives To Those Drugs Foods To Eat That Affect The Voice And Vocal Mechanism Sinus Care With Cleansing Guide And Herbs Food Lists That Help Create And Maintain Superior Vocal Health What To Do When Natural Solutions For The Most Pressing Performance And Presentation Issues Such As Performance Anxiety, Clogged Sinuses, Chest Congestion, Mental Clarity And David Aaron Katz Is A Professional Opera Singer, Cantor, Nutritional Consultant, Herbalist And CEO Of Superior Vocal Health His Life Mission Is To Help Voice Professionals From Around The World To Learn How To Heal, Maintain And Strengthen Their Voices Naturally Without Chemical Or Drugs