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A morbid story of Edgar Allan Poe, probably one of his most famous ones, the black cat about a man slowly going hysterical, madder and madder and a cat or actually two playing a key part in increasing his insanity and leading up to morbid actionsWhat brings a man to write such stories I understood Poe did not have the best of lives himself.A great writer though, intriguing stories Four stars, will further edit in the coming days Here s a bit of background from Wikipedia The Black Cat is a short story by American writer Edgar Allan Poe It was first published in the August 19, 1843, edition of The Saturday Evening Post It is a study of the psychology of guilt, often paired in analysis with Poe s The Tell Tale Heart.Spoiler although who doesn t know this story In both, a murderer carefully conceals his crime and believes himself unassailable, but eventually breaks down and reveals himself, impelled by a nagging reminder of his guilt My wife had called my attention, than once, to the character of the mark of white hair, of which I have spoken, and which constituted the sole visible difference between the strange beast and the one I had destroyed It was now the representation of an object that I shudder to name and for this, above all, I loathed, and dreaded, and would have rid myself of the monster had I dared it was now, I say, the image of a hideous of a ghastly thing of the Gallows oh, mournful and terrible engine of Horror and of Crime of Agony and of Death This depicts a man who has completely lost himself to his illness He was once happy He was once sane He had a loving wife and a warm home full of pets But, his illness took over it sent him into fits of blind rage in which he abused that which he professed to love he neglected his animals and beat his wife However, for a time, he left his favourite amongst them in peace He left his beloved black cat alone Well, until one day where he was sent over the edge and decided to stab the poor creature s eye out What a bastard The fury of a demon instantly possessed me I knew myself no longer My original soul seemed, at once, to take its flight from my body and a than fiendish malevolence, gin nurtured, thrilled every fibre of my frame Because of this I have absolutely no sympathy for the narrator of this tale he is a terrible man His illness is his alcoholism or so he says So, he causes it himself he knows the rage that drink brings him yet he persists in its consumption It seems like a convenient excuse for a deranged man to me He further defends himself by saying he is perverse and that he simply commits cruelty because he knows that he shouldn t This, to me, is just stupidity I m not sure when these scapegoat like ideas manifested itself within the narrator because he clearly wasn t always this way I suppose you could argue that the alcohol ruined him and destroyed his mind, but, again, that seems like an excuse So, I can t fully agree with that idea He claims to have loved the cat, and his actions suggest that he did so beyond his wife Yet, he immediately tries to replace the cat after he hangs it Surely, such an animal would be irreplaceable to him regardless of whether or not he killed it Surely, no other cat would be the same Unless the alcohol destroyed his love and turned him to bitterness It s all rather ironic I was especially fond of animals, and was indulged by my parents with a great variety of pets With these I spent most of my time, and never was so happy as when feeding and caressing them.This peculiarity of character grew with my growth, I derived from it one of my principal sources of pleasure The new cat doesn t like him much, and I can t say that I blame it The narrator is incredibly repulsive and disgustingly grotesque He begins to return the cat s dislike with hatred, which turns to anger, which turns to an unbridled passion to destroy it What a bastard Humorously, he even tries to blame the cat when the problem clearly resides within his own head His mind has been tainted whether by alcoholism, madness or some other dark force I cannot fully say But, one thing s for sure, he isn t normal He has somehow convinced himself that the cat harbours the soul of a witch This has been emphasised, to his mind, by its lack of an eye He thinks it sees straight through him and sees his dark soul thus, it too must be killed This story was incredibly uncomfortable to read even by Poe s standards Animal cruelty is a terrible thing, and I must admit that some of the description made me somewhat angry Don t get me wrong, I do like this story it is incredibly twisted, dark and generally speaking quite fucked up The narrator is an evilly insane man, which Poe captured perfectly It s just that I m a cat lover, so it made me a little sad But, overall, it is a marvel of writing To evoke such a malevolent, vile, malicious piece of degenerate filth is a true accomplishment even if it s horrible to read about I m glad the cat got the last laugh. Here is another classic Poe tale of dissolution and madness It s very similar to The Tell Tale Heart, yet different in interesting ways For one thing, this tale is told from a distant, calm, and indeed sane perspective Unlike The Tell Tale Heart, which begins with the narrator breathlessly trying to convince the reader of his sanity, here the narrator calmly states that I neither expect nor solicit belief in his tale, but that because he is to die tomorrow presumably to be executed , he wishes to unburthen my soul of the events that have terrified have tortured have destroyed me We begin with a mundane account of the narrator s early years He was known from a young age for loving pets What a good guy After his marriage, his wife gets him birds, fish, a dog, rabbits, a small monkey, and a cat And that s where things start to go wrong with that cat or rather with the narrator s perception of it There s a hint that the narrator starts abusing alcohol, and then starts abusing the cat, and when the cat bites him a little, a demon instantly possessed me and he cuts out one of its eyes spoilers to follow Quickly the descent into madness gathers force He hangs the cat, not because it did him any wrong, but because of precisely the opposite he hung it because I knew that it had loved me, and because I felt it had given me no reason of offense hung it because I knew that in so doing I was committing a sin It s the transgression itself that he can t resist When he gets another cat, he can t help feeling the same way toward it, and the pressure builds inside him until he takes an axe to it, and when his wife stops him, he kills her with the axe, bricks up her corpse inside the wall, and when the police come and search his house, they don t find her until he can t help himself he taps the wall until there s a wailing shriek from inside, and the police uncover the corpse and there is the cat too, whose informing voice had consigned me to the hangman There s an interesting and perhaps obvious use of symbolism throughout the voice from the bricked up tomb is like the repressed voices inside him that caused him to do these evil deeds, and the black cat is of course a famous symbol of superstition and bad luck Nonetheless, this tale isn t too heavy handed about any of this It works on a purely narrative level in the same deliciously macabre way of Poe s best work, and provides another keen insight into irrationality and the demons lurking inside the human heart. Poe s short stories are so similar to each other.Sometimes I wonder why I like reading them so much.He was a genius. ( EBOOK ) ☪ The Black Cat ♞ Vittima e testimone, tentatore e giudice il gatto che si aggira in questo racconto dove la paura e la follia si insinuano nella vita quotidiana in un crescendo felpato e inquietante Uno straordinario racconto horror in bilico tra istinto e ragione che allo stesso tempo l omaggio di un grande scrittore al gatto. GOODREADS POLL QUESTIONS What did you think of Edgar Allen Poe s short story, THE BLACK CAT READER RESPONSES OUCH.well I didn t hate this anti black cat hit piece as much as the unbiased poll respondents did, but I didn t really like it either Of course, as a member of the GLASS Association Get Lousy Drunk and Sing Showtunes , I will say that I found the negative portrayal of excess alcohol consumption to be both misleading and offensive and may have allowed that anger to color my opinion Regardless, for me this story pretty much floated between meh and so so with occasional gusts up to okay The writing was fine, though I think Poe Boy has certainly shown far literary prowess than he displayed here Still, I would easily have forgiven less than brilliant prose if the story had been good Uh it wasn t.or, at the very least, it wasn t good enough to engage me the way I would have liked Much of this had to do with the story dynamic which just felt forced and far fetched The story begins with Mr kind, sweet, animal lover who is happily married to Mrs kind, sweet animal lover and has a lot of kind, sweet and well loved animals, especially a large black cat named Pluto So Dr Doolittle begins sampling the local fermented beverages and quickly becomes a raging alcoholic madman who not only HATES animals, but enjoys committing surgical atrocities on them.WOAH BACK UP HUH It just didn t make sense to me and I lost interest fairly early which is tough to do with a story only 15 pages long so hats off to Poe on that score The journey from Mike Brady to Hannibal Lector was just too much of a stretch and the story s arms weren t long enough to reach Anyway, from there the plot just strolled deeper into the land of Yeah Right until finally coming to a stop at the oh so predicable ending Even the trademark dread that Poe is usually so good at imbuing in his stories was almost totally absent.Thus, for me, a disappointment given how much I have loved many of his stories. I listened to the audiobook and read the original text in English and also the translated text into my mother language Portuguese The narrator was so great And Edgar Allan Poe was a genius I loved this story when I was eight years old My dad downloaded it for me and I would play it on CD from my bedroom stereo I don t even remember the last time I used a CD, I prefer real books , but The Black Cat gets better with age and for a short little tale of a cruel, neurotic man and the cat he mistreats, it carries deep themes of guilt, morality, kindness or lack thereof, who the f ck cuts a cat s eye out with a pen knife just because they feel like it and vengeance coming to bite this guy in the ass for inflicting his rage upon innocence and friendship I feel like this story could apply to many situations, those times when we unintentionally hurt a friend or family member out of spite, times when we decide that misery loves company and shove our pain onto the shoulders of another person or in this case an animal and the cat comes to represent a darker force as it gives its abusive owner his comeuppance. I like Edger Allan Poe s stories very much They are so deep and give very horrifying feelings to me I liked this story too While reading, I was feeling that I had experienced something like this before But I couldn t know from where It turned out, The Tell tale Heart was similar to this one That s why.I highly recommend this story to everyone. I have never read Edgar Allan Poe s writing before So after reading this short story, I was immediately intrigued Right after I finished reading this story I was like Whoa What did I just read This is one of the darkest tales that I have ever read Horrifying Gruesome Edgar Allan Poe is literally the master of horror Poe gives a disturbing creepy glimpse into the mind of the narrator The narrator begins with his kind and human younger self In subsequent years he descended into madness and violence due to the addiction of alcohol I immediately hated the narrator when he lose control and cut open his pet cat s eye out Vile Inhuman Animal cruelty is a terrible thing, it was a very uncomfortable read and made me squirmed when the narrator detailed his cruelty It s true that animal abusers tend to be psychopaths The story is perfectly eerie and dark I personally think that a truly scary and disturbed bad guy is the strength of any story I m not going to reveal much on the plot as this is a short story I would like to invite all of you to read it here The Black CatI particularly loved the ending The Black Cat is a story adorned by unexpected twists and a surprising ending, completed with Poe s grand writing style.