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READ PDF ⚡ Time-Out for Sophie Á Sophie means to be a good little mouse, but she just can t resist testing the limits with her patient parents and grandmotherEat supper More fun to throw it on the floorFold the laundry More fun to knock over the pileRead with Grandma More fun to steal her glassesAnd then it s time out for Sophie Rosemary Wells has created a memorable new character, ready to take her place next to Max and Ruby, Yoko, and Noisy Nora Sophie s adorable antics will strike a chord with children and parents alike This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Sophie is an adorable mouse, who likes to test the limits of her parents and grandma Her parents take the standard approach to her bad behavior sending her on a time out Sophie s grandma, on the other hand, puts herself in a time out Sophie doesn t like that, and decides to cooperate willingly with her grandma So cute. Oh those mischievous two year old You know, the ones who push your buttons on purpose Rosemary Wells has brought us just such a child in Sophie She throws her food on the floor, not once but twice and gets a time out from Mom She helps fold laundry by throwing it on the floor and Dad puts her in a time out But Granny has other ideas when Sophie takes her glasses Sneaky Granny. Sophie gets a time out for not listening to mom Then she gets a time out for not listening to dad Then she almost gets a time out for not listening to grandma, but she doesn t want a time out, so she obeys Could stimulate a good talk about consequences, and obedience with toddler age children. Sophie misbehaves Gets a time out Does it again, and another time out Then does it to Grandma She says time out for her, but Sophie doesn t want a time out or for grandma to stop reading So she gives grandma back her glasses Good Sophie.