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!DOWNLOAD E-PUB ⚖ Beloved Diana ♚ Beautiful, enterprising, keen witted Diana Her sole legacy was the use of a small wing of the once glorious Chesdene Manor, ancestral home of the ChalfontsIngenuity suggested leasing the delapidated main house for income to sustain herself and her widowed mother What mysterious force brought the handsome, brooding Richmond Christopher to apply for tenancy of that crumbling ruin His mysterious presence deeply roused her, but with him came ominous shadows and dark signals of danger Suddenly her life was a plaything in fortune s hand, and she saw no alternative but to risk everything on the clear dictates of her passionate, adventurous heart 3.5, not bad not great, better than others I read of the author. Very good The ending went a bit too fast but still nicely done. Better than the others that I read by Ley More character than description. Mary Sue, a sweet, predictable girl sporting brown hair with tints of red in it.This is where I end my review because from here on nothing I say would be kind Until I have published a better book than that I cannot allow myself to speak disdainfully of others who have done what I haven t.