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!Download Pdf ♟ An Arrow for Coco (Cupids Erotic Tales #1) ♎ Cupid, or Jeremy, as the humans know him Is horny He hasn t had sex with a woman in over one hundred years In his world, sex is forbidden and if a Cupid ever did give in to desire, they had to pay the price Venus would have it no other wayCoco believes she is in love with muscle bound Frank Dalton He is Placerville s most popular cowboy, and he knows it From the day she hit puberty, she set her sights on him To her, he was her only chance for love and marriageWhen Jeremy is assigned to the case, he falls head over heels in lust for Coco Taking a chance, he shoots her in the ass with his best golden arrow then claims her as his own for the night Only questions now, can he let her go back to Frank when the sun comes up or will he give her to Venus Was it possible to give her the love she deserved Got this book from the Goodreads giveaways.I liked it It s a good short erotic story. My book