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[[ Download Ebook ]] Ý The Accidental Investment Banker: Inside the Decade That Transformed Wall Street í Jonathan A Knee had a ringside seat during the go go, boom and bust decade and into the st century, at the two most prestigious investment banks on Wall Street Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley In this candid and irreverent insider s account of an industry in free fall, Knee captures an exhilarating era of fabulous deal making in a free wheeling Internet economy and the catastrophe that followed when the bubble burst Populated with power players, back stabbers, celebrity bankers, and godzillionaires, here is a vivid account of the dramatic upheaval that took place in investment banking Indeed, Knee entered an industry that was typified by the motto first class business in a first class way and saw it transformed in a decade to a free for all typified by the acronym IBG, YBG I ll be gone, you ll be gone Increasingly mercenary bankers signed off on weak deals, knowing they would leave them in the rear view mirror Once, investment bankers prospered largely on their success in serving the client, preserving the firm, and protecting the public interest Now, in the financial supermarket era, bankers felt not only that each day might be their last, but that their worth was tied exclusively to how much revenue they generated for the firm on that day regardless of the source Today, most young executives feel no loyalty to their firms, and among their clients, Knee finds an unprecedented but understandable level of cynicism and distrust of investment banks Brimming with insight into what investment bankers actually do, and told with biting humor and unflinching honesty, The Accidental Investment Banker offers a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes of the most powerful companies on Wall Street A good, accesible inside view of how investment banking works and how it has developed over the past several decades particularly during the 90s and early 00s Author does a good job of weaving his personal experience with the larger course of events in the investment banking world. By page 14 I was thinking this is a boring book Then on Page 15 the author himself says Admit it That shit is B O R I N G Mostly the book is gossip about the author and how important he is.To the extent the book covers investment banking, it is simplistic AND B O R I N G.Published in 2006, it has nothing about recent developments in the financial markets. Interesting history lesson of the boom and bust of banking in the 90s to early 00s Some experiences and reflections that should be of interest to young professionals in IB A bit self aggrandising and moralising, but nonetheless highly enjoyable. A decent textbook for IB history 101 before the subprime crisis.